There's a new Robux icon!

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This is a great change, but will the old Robux logo be un-trademarked? I think this is a great way to continue modernizing Roblox, but will we have a possible ETA for new features having to do with upgrades to modernize and more?


I like the design of it, but I’m not the biggest fan of the color choice on the white backgrounds.


It feels a bit too dull in these places and blends in. I get the whole idea of going modern, but making the logo green or something wouldn’t be a bad idea here.


The new robux logo does not have anything to do with Roblox. It would be understandable if there is a planned name change in the future, but this honestly looks like something that would not be useful and was just not a good future. I personally do not like this change as it does not resemble currency itself and does not have the same feeling as other roblox icons. But at the end of the day, it’s just an icon.

But okay.


Prepare the floodgates for bad posts.
kinda prefer the old one ngl, probably because i’m a nostalgist


It looks like a lug nut.

If I was a kid, I wouldn’t automatically assume some lugnut meant money. In the real world, we don’t associate stuff from Home Depot with virtual currency.


What does the gold one signify?


Personally I’m not that sure in terms of the redesign, but I think that it’s a bit odd, I don’t see a problem with the old robux design, and I can understand that it may not be up-to-date in regards to branding but still, I don’t necessarily think this is a big enough of a problem to warrant change. Regardless, I don’t mind the redesign, it’s moreso that the I’m not sure if the redesign was really needed in the community.


I think it’s looks ugly, I hate how it is not flat so it does not go along with the UI and it seems to have just the same abstract look as the premium icon. I feel like more time should have gone into a better look to this. The look overall just seems lifeless unlike the old one.


I do agree that certain graphics in the Roblox brand needed to be updated, specifically Robux which was just an R and a dollar sign slapped together for the last decade, but the new icon is very unoriginal. Looking at the logo with no context you wouldn’t know what it was, and it certainly doesn’t say “this is related to Roblox”. I don’t like this change, I think it’s a step in the wrong direction.


Honestly, the new Robux logo reminds me of some type of token currency logo.


The new Robux logo definitely fits in with the more modern style Roblox is trying to implement, as seen by Premium. Personally I don’t prefer the logo, but it does fit well considering the way they’re going with UI.


So that’s why it changed. A bit different in terms of color and overall design, but I like it. Also, is there a plan to expand the colored logo beyond the app? It seems like everywhere else is using the white or grey one. For reference:
image image

EDIT: After looking at it, I’m surprised that the inside square isn’t at the same position as the Roblox logo.


I personally have gotten used to the new design and am starting to kind of like it now, but having it be green might make it easier to recognize. I still have to take a second to remember oh, this is currency. If it were green I think I’d make the connection more quickly.


The icon actually looks really cool, Roblox becoming more modern is a good idea and this is a pretty big step forward for roblox.


I thought this was some promotional thing for the Mandalorian considering it looks like the First Order logo. Very disappointed, many GFX artists have created variations of the robux icon that look modern while also keeping it recognizable as a currency.


I dislike it.

Don’t get me wrong, the design is actually good, and is better compared to the original robux logo. The new icon is much more fitting for the website’s design compared to the original robux logo.

However, the icon… it doesn’t really tell me anything. At first glance, it looks like a nut that’s used for engineering. Honestly, it doesn’t fit with the name “robux”. It doesn’t scream “robux” at me.

However I’ll get used to it. It’s just my thoughts.


I feel like tilting the square will make it fit the name of “robux”. But then again, it will still look like a coin.

Edit: I still like the logo, really fits in with the modern design.


I’m not a huge fan of this new icon. It doesn’t make me think the number to the right of it(my robux) is how much currency I have. It just looks like an odd settings icon or something. R$ made sense for Ro bucks. This icon doesn’t make sense given the currency is still called robux.


Nice design, but yeah I agree with some of the other posts, it doesn’t have an obvious relation to Robux.

It will probably grow on me, so I am not against it, but nit exactly for it either.