There's a new Robux icon!

I’m not a huge fan of this new icon. It doesn’t make me think the number to the right of it(my robux) is how much currency I have. It just looks like an odd settings icon or something. R$ made sense for Ro bucks. This icon doesn’t make sense given the currency is still called robux.


Nice design, but yeah I agree with some of the other posts, it doesn’t have an obvious relation to Robux.

It will probably grow on me, so I am not against it, but nit exactly for it either.


It’s a nice design, but I just don’t like it. It looks like a hex nut, which I wouldn’t guess would be money if I was younger. I can also see it being a coin, but that doesn’t really make much sense. If it’s called Robux, why is it’s icon a coin/hex nut thing. I like the way it looks, but I just don’t think it fits with Robux.


Wouldn’t it be better to have the icon more “coin shaped” so that it is more easily associated with currency? The new one looks extremely abstract, especially with the colouration - even a gold or silver colour would draw a closer association to an actual coin or some form of currency, rather than just some abstract polygons.


I have the same opinion that the new icon doesn’t scream “Robux”. I do see a need to change the icon though. Roblox has been trying to grow in the Asian market where having a character that is foreign to most of the languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc), in this case the “R”, would seem odd to have. Whether this is the intention or not, I see this as a good step to not relying on non-universal characters, but there could be some improvements to the design (as mentioned above). Does make me wonder if this is why the Roblox logo is just the tilted “O” instead of the “R”.


I don’t mean to sound like an echo chamber after everyone else, but I don’t really like the new symbol either. It’s not a bad design, don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t feel like “ROBLOX”. If a kid saw the design, they wouldn’t associate it with Robux, even if it’s on every Catalog item.

I understand the need/want to keep updating the site and making it look better, more modern, etc. But this new design is just so far from what ROBLOX is that it looks like a completely different site’s feature. It doesn’t fit, or mesh well with everything else. I’m not against this, but I feel that something else may have been better.


Group audit logs still use the old logo, better watch out for it



My guess is that page will be unaffected for a while. There are several “legacy pages”, including Group Admin and Develop that need a lot to be updated. There is a reason they don’t work that well on mobile and lack new features like the dark theme.


I personally do think its unique and I can sorta see where the gem part of it comes in. I can also see it fitting with the roblox logo and premium logo. They mentioned the update being an indication of changes too, which I’m exciting to see why the the sign was chosen to be like this. This would be wild, but imagine if some type of new currency, like tix, came back out. I know this is probably super unlikely, but that would be neat to see! Anyway, looking forward to see what is in store for us. I know these things are planned way in advance, as it was shown at RDC with the UGC announcement.


I don’t like it at all. Should’ve just made the original logo black. This new look gives me a point system vibe.


The icon looks good, but unrecognizable for Roblox as FearMeIAmLag already stated. Personally, even when I’m on the website, I honestly can’t tell that the icon is supposed to be Robux. I like the overall shape of the icon, but I think it needs to be easily known. I would prefer if the word “R$” was written inside the icon or something like that.

Also, it does not stand out in the top navigation bar on the site. The current icon makes it seem very unimportant and, personally, I would barely notice it. Honestly, both the current light and dark themes make the icon the same color as the ones around (like notifications and settings). Having it be a different color may mean that is more eye-catching. After all, currency should be highly noticeable.

DarkThemeRobux LightThemeRobux

In a nutshell, it’s the lack of ability of to be recognized and noticed is what bothers me about the most. But the shape, I believe, is an improvement and stays consistent with the branding.


I’ve had this Robux icon for two weeks now, and I really thought it’d grow on me over time but here I am two weeks later really not liking it.

In logo design, you always want to make something that really stands out and signifies what you’re creating the logo for. Looking at this Robux icon, it does not scream “Robux” to me at all. If I sent the old Robux icon to somebody that has never played Roblox, they would take it as being a currency. If I send this new Robux icon to somebody, they would not take it as being a currency at all.

Roblox branding has improved significantly, but this is one change I just can’t stand by right now. The Roblox logo has grown on me a lot and I appreciate it a lot, but this Robux icon just isn’t Robux anymore.

Also, there are a few clipping issues (like on the Developer Exchange page):

I thought this would be fixed when I originally got it, but it’s still not fixed weeks later.


Best way to summarize my view, the logo looks like the result of getting programmers to make art. They can make it looks good on a logical analysis level, but it lacks in the creative department. This onesidedness looks clean, but is just not expressive enough to convey enough information about what it is representing.

This just amplifies the bland lifeless looks of the website. I get they want to shift emphasis on games, but no kid will like such a depressing scheme. I’d expect such schemes for developers not for the core website


Honestly I like the old one better I see this one and it doesn’t make me think of money/robux at all. I get Roblox is Modernising but there could be a bit more better icon, like include a dollar symbol or something.

Edit: like others I feel the site does look a bit bland, I use dark mode but at the same time there isn’t a lot of color or character anymore it feels.


Are there any plans to make it easier to use the new icon in text based UIs? Previously you could use the R$ notation, but with the new icon you’ll have to use a separate ImageLabel. This can get difficult in situations where you want to include the icon in a sentence or paragraph.

A way to show the new icon in text, similar to how emojis work, would be very helpful.


I think people initially were over critical of the design, I think it’s a nice modern replacement and is pretty clearly representative of a “coin.”


This new icon makes it look like it is based off of cents rather than dollars. It makes me feel like I have less money than I had before the new icon. Actually, it looks like it’d be a replacement for Tix rather than Robux. But besides that, I think it is well-designed logo and that it looks very good.


Not a big fan of the new icon. I much prefer the old one. The new one just doesn’t feel right. And as @howmanysmaII said, it looks like a bolt / lug nut. At least give it like a green colour. Otherwise, It just doesn’t feel like “ROBUX”.


Ah yes, finally. We can purchase “doge hat” with casino chips.

I’m usually pretty chill with this stuff. I don’t know where you found the secret vault of EA focus group results but I really do like the old one more. Even though R$ is the same symbol for the Brazilian real it just looks so much better than this one.


I believe the design is great and also encourages the idea of a universal symbol, however if the colouring were to be changed to green, it would be a lot easier to identify the icon as a symbol for the currency that is being used for the platform.