Theta's Development | Dev Blog #1

XUG_X’s SCPF | Theta’s Introduction

Hello! I am Theta’s lead developer Soup.
As most of you are waiting for theta, I wanted to say, its almost done! for the non-QA testers, you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. So why not inform you?

What is site-theta?

  • Site theta is based off the genre known as the SCPF Genre, Roblox mostly classifies it as “Horror”, The site follow’s 2 lore websites, first is the official site, secondly is our lore website.

Our Future Plans:

  • We’re planning to gain 2.5k by this year
  • Gaining over 5 developers (Including, Scripting, Building, UI Artists, Animators)
  • Gaining 10 moderation staff for our discord & game
  • Gaining over 10 experienced QA testers
  • Bringing activity for site theta’s release
  • Achieving a stable site & stable community
  • Regaining investors

Theta’s Development Status:

  • Polishing SCPs :red_circle:
  • Polishing Door UI :green_circle:
  • Finishing Light containment :green_circle:
  • Player Animations :orange_circle:
  • Finishing Heavy containment :orange_circle:
  • Finishing the CDCZ :orange_circle:
  • Door UI :green_circle:
  • Gun attachments :green_circle:
  • Variety of weaponry :green_circle:
  • FPS + OTS Development :orange_circle:
  • Weaponry Animations :red_circle:
  • Player UI & Menu UI :red_circle:
  • Low Variety of Exploiting, Glitching, and Bugs :red_circle:
  • SCP 999, 002, etc’s containment cells :green_circle:
  • SCP Animations :red_circle:
  • Voice chat :green_circle:
  • In-game application Center :red_circle:Not fully planned yet.
  • Anti-Cheat :orange_circle: ← We have an anti-cheat within Facility 14, But it’s weak.
  • Framework :orange_circle:

The most recent Changes:

  • CDCZ
  • SD/MTF Armory
  • Some Props
  • Gun lasers & Flahlights

Our Development Team:

  • FamedPixel/Soup, Lead Developer
  • thepro101roblox, Development Supervisor
  • protecter333, 3D Modeler
  • ege5ege, Builder
  • RobotTV122, Builder ← Inactive
  • ahmad1488, Lead QA Tester
  • olliepedders, QA Tester
  • harn2006, QA Tester
  • tanakomjon, QA Tester
  • SerbanelBerescu2019, QA Tester
  • Pixelated_Storm, QA Tester
  • offbeatleonapro, QA Tester
  • NoWaBerkaY, QA Tester
  • drcrushuscher, QA Tester
  • PETER_lnsurgent, QA Tester

Special Thanks to our Former Dev team members:

  • Famedpixel, Former Animator & UI Artist (Back as Lead Development)
  • MuddieBoi, Former Overseer/Supervisor
  • 6_1o, Former Builder & Armor Modeler
  • PETER_lnsurgent, Former O5-1/Supervisor (Back as QA Tester)