They Have Come: Devlog #2

Hello and welcome back to my devlog. It has been a while since I have posted here, but I have decided to work on my dream game again. I took a little pause because my buddies said they were gonna help me on another game, but alas, they gave up again. For the 5th time. :pensive:.

As I said in the first one, I was working on re-writing much of my weapon system. I have now finished, and it is looking quite nice!

My new updated weapon system includes tracer bullets, Still looking for a smooth tracer system though, multiple fire modes including Full Auto, Burst, and Semi-auto. Since I really enjoy playing Apocalypse Rising 2, I have designed much of my gun system off of the one found in it, so I also have an OTS mode over both shoulders, presing Q to switch. There is also both first person and OTS mode with the guns, and while in first person, you can aim down the sights.

I have removed all the UI for the game, as I recently started learning Rodux and I want to use RoactRodux for all of my UI. (I already use Roact)

I have still not had the time to implement proper replication for many gun things, so you will not be able to see anyone shooting as of yet. There are also no sounds yet. Hopefully by the next devlog, They will exist.

I plan to add some PVP game modes based of of, you guessed it, Apoc 2 and R2DA. I am hoping to add a little pvp.

Here are my current Ideas for modes:

  • FFA
  • Juggernaut - one person with famas, and all others with m1911
  • Teams

I also want to start adding bosses, as this is going to be a hybrid of Apoc and R2DA. Here is my idea for a unique boss:

8-Bit boss. The boss is an arcade machine.
Special attacks will be the boss playing some 8-Bit games and those games happen in the map

  • Pong - pong starts happening in the map.
  • Space invaders - little space invaders start falling from the sky. Can be killed.
  • Asteroids? - Boss starts targeting a player and shoots at them
  • Packman?

Any other ideas are appreciated!

Things I plan to do by the next devlog:

  • Add some basic sounds
  • Add some real pvp matches
  • Fix a few bugs with shoulder switching
  • Add some sort of boss battle

This is going to be a #1 game in a few months

Test out my gun system here: They Have Come Testing - Roblox

Thanks for reading!