Things going invisible around the map

So, all of a sudden the ground in our game just becomes invisible when me and my friend go in to test it. Some things around the maps just go invisible. Does this happen to anyone else also? Please help.


May I please see videos of this happening?

Turn your graphics setting up. That might work.

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Maybe its unanchored? Sometimes i forget to anchor my parts too.

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Well, it isn’t the parts, its terrain also, and I don’t know if you can do properties and stuff to that.

Oh… Well maybe its your graphics are low? Or just a visual glitch… unless you fall if you step on it.

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So, I went in to test the game, and everything was there, but all of a sudden they started disappearing one by one??? I’m so confused right now.

Ok, I will see if I can record a video of it.

May I have the game link? I could check it out myself if that’s okay.

The game isn’t public, and as far as I know its only in studio, I can send a vid once I get one.

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So, I got a video, but it is too large, so I’m going to upload it to yt, then send a link. It’ll take a bit.

Alright sure. That’s fine with me. . Don’t mind the background mmusic, my friend put that there lol, but yeah roblox was weird right there. And it would sometimes make other things go weird like terrain, and main menu, and lobby. Spooky.

Did you Use any Free Models? Perhaps it Might be a Virus.


OH! Well… I’m not sure but that feels like your friend is trolling you or the game got hacked. I’m really not sure.

No, not that I know of. Just about everything was me and my friend.

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If Your Friend Put a Free Model in your game Then It most Likely has a Virus.

Well, he might’ve been trolling since everything just went back to normal :confused: Idk, stuff is weird rn.


Check the game for scripts even if it went back to normal


I watched the YouTube video, I think the best explanation would be that the walls or floor and platforms are unioned (or the way they deload they seem to be unioned), basically if a prop is way too big roblox likes to deload stuff when your far away when possible. Are they unioned because from how i’m looking at the video they seem unioned? (just noticed you said it went away, I guess leave this as a option if it starts happening again)