Think I nailed ZacAttackk's Music Style?

I made a Fan made song for a game known as VH3 Made by @ZacAttackk
(One of my Favorite composers)

I tried making a Song in his style. It is Based off his Song called Black Caffeine [End 1]!

Here is my version of my song : VH3 End [11] (Fan made) - YouTube

Tell me if you like it and if I nailed his style!


Ahh thank you so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:! This makes me happy, soundtracks on Roblox aren’t often mentioned or talked about. This sounds great! For some reason the melody line that comes in at 0:16 reminds me of a bowser’s castle level or track from mario kart. I think if it were me, I would use more filters on the instrument tracks and have more things going on in the background to ‘fill up’ the soundspace more.

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Thank so much! And your right, 99% percent of roblox games do not have their own Ost. Until I came across VH3 in 2019 , I haven’t heard a custom RBLX Soundtrack! It was at that point I decided I’ll actually take the time to make an Ost for my games instead of using the tool box or other sources thanks to you.
Im 1 year into my musical journey! :notes: (still can’t read it yet lol)

Also. You mentioned using filters. You mean low pass and high pass filters on each track or different kind of filters?