Thinking of making a difficulty Chart Obby, what would be the essentials in it?

Hello everyone!

I’m thinking of making a difficulty Chart Obby and I have a couple of questions:

How many stages should I have?
Should I add a skip stage?
What could I add to make sure players don’t get bored?
Is it worth adding badges?
Anything else that’s essential?


(I searched to see if this was already a topic and couldn’t find anything please let me know if there is already a topic so I can delete this.)

Anything below 500 and above 100 is fine. Make sure to pace the obby appropriately.

Yes, as this is the main source of revenue.

Nothing except music. It’s a difficulty chart obby. I tend to dislike DCOs that try something “new.”

Yes! This gives advertising and is a major deciding factor whether or not to play a DCO for me at least.

Make sure to add a stage selector.


You should add a Skip Stage feature. I would add badges only if you can afford it, might attract badge hunters.

Might also be helpful to have a shop where you can buy a gravity/fusion/speed coil.


1- Doesn’t really matter. Just ensure each difficulty has the same amount. I’ve seen some have 10 and some have 25. I personally prefer shorter DCOs but that might just be me.

2- Yes, I also see a lot of DCOs make stage skips cost more depending on the difficulty

3- Practice area, maybe lounge area. Towers are also somewhat common.

4- Yeah, I love DCOs that have badges.

5- Stage selector as Ty_Scripts mentioned. Also some options such as time of day, hide players etc… If possible, make these settings save. Not many (if at all) have settings that save over datastore. It’s annoying having to re-set them every time I join the game. Also, and I beg, teleport the player to their checkpoint instead of killing them.