Third Person Camera Shooter

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

So… I’m making a “Third Person Shooter” game, but I have a “little” problem with the camera. :confused:

I can’t upload images to my post, because I can’t make a “Camera system” . I’m learning how to develop so yes…

For solutions I tried to search it on Google, watch about it some videos, but I can’t find any normal “support”.

If anyone can help me how can I make a Third Person Camera, to a shooter game, PLEASE write it down, where can I search up for it, or how can I start making a Third Person Shooter, with an aiming system. :confused:

Sorry, If anything is not understadable, but I’m Hungarian.

Thank you for the helps! :heart:


Uh this is really off-topic and contributes o thing to the post.

Op, @Mrattilla couldyou explain what kind of camera system you need? One that locks in third person?


Hello @ScytheSlayin! :slight_smile:

Yes I want, a third person camera system, which is lock in third person, with an aiming system.

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I don’t what type of google search you made, but I found a lot of tutorials!

Third Person Camera Script:

Aiming Script:


A really big thanks to you! @ScytheSlayin


If this helps, please mark it as a solution so others know your problem solved! Oh and, your welcome! :smiley:

Where can I paste the “Orbital Camera Script”. Right now I pasted to StarterPlayer, and it isn’t look like a third person camera, like shift lock :confused:

Uh, have you read the tutorials? Also what is the script? Would be helpful if you could post it here!