Third Person Shooter

I’ve been on & and off working on this third person shooter thing. It uses Fastcast (the module) and the rest is done by me.

Game link is over the shoulder test game - Roblox and this is my first post here so hmu if I broke 17 rules or something

Feedback & stuff greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I think your third person shooter is good, only, the sounds should me randomized like the pitch for example and the camera should me more on the right / top because it’s kinda weird

Ok, which sounds in particular should be randomised?

Everything, shooting sounds, reloading, etc…

Great work so far! The gun framework feels very polished, the player camera is very fluid, the dynamic crosshair feels responsive, and the gun animations is also clean.
Here’s what I’d give for feedback

  • The awp’s recoil felt jittery, especially when scoped in
    • I’d reccomend reducing the recoil so that the player doesn’t entirely lose track of their target and making it smoother for visual appeal
  • The camera aiming animation felt too linear and stiff - Try to change the easing style (Sine, Quad)
    Other than that, the game was overall great and I would imagine it would be immensely fun to play when its developed. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I’ll get right to work on fixing these problems.