Third/First Person Camera System HUGE RECODE COMING SOON

Hello there, welcome to the Third/First Person Camera System page!
I have made a camera system, forked from a model called ThirdPersonCamera by @TTVkreisikinuski(thanks btw), which is aimed to match camera systems from games like Doors and Blood Engine - Alpha Test.


The model download is here “Third/First Person Camera System

or, if that doesn’t work try here “Third/First Person Camera Alternate download - Roblox


Thanks @Im_ussrgame0hboi456 for the suggestion to add a video

Don’t be shy to give suggestions!

  • recode camera system, the soft deadline is March 27th :wink:
Finished to-do list features
  • unlock mouse: @speedb0y1290
    Set a custom keybind to let you unlock the mouse, the default setting is tab

Hello, please put an example video and I somehow cannot access your model page.

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ok, i will post an example video in a few minutes.

I can’t access the model page, it says I do not have permissions.


the camera looks cool but the model is still private to this day, just in case you have forgot about it

@Im_ussrgame0hboi456 I have posted a video

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Thanks but the model is still privated.

everyone, I’ve just realized what I’ve done wrong. I will fix it now. Sorry, this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this :grimacing:

I will try again in 30 minutes, hopefully.

Didn’t work, I will try again tomarrow.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

it happened again

you could always try inserting it into a game and making that game uncopylock

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ok, I will try --30–30–30–30

@Lord_F1re I have done that, hopefully it works now

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Is there a way to unlock the mouse? Would use this if it did

i’ll add it in a mini update, but a i’m recoding everything rn

@speedb0y1290 I finished it, thanks for the suggestion

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I love this! (Sorry for being late, school got in the way)

Ik right, btw, great camera system! I love it.

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