This color map doesn't fix this mesh at all


I’m ripping files and meshes from Fallout 4 to use in my game(im sure its fine), but theres just ONE issue unlike EVERY OTHER MESH AND TEXTURE. The dumb meattile texture. The skeleton meshes don’t fix the meattile texure, and for some reason the texture was corrupt in the first place. I was able to use to re-save the texture, and it worked. Kinda.


This is how it looks in nifskope normally with broken texture

i wanted to remove organs and bad things just in case

Screenshot (844)

This is how it looks with “fixed” texture

In the last picture I think you can see the ribs. In the middle picture you can see holes? that don’t look like they should be there.

How do I make the texture fit the mesh? You can also see seams and where it cuts off and it doesn’t look right.