"This game may not function as intended" message shown on Console

Recently I was able to get onto an xbox console and see my game, where I discovered the message “This game may not function as intended. The developer needs to update the game.

I know this used to appear on PC for games that had places that were in experimental mode. However…

  • The game consists of only two places and neither are in experimental mode.
  • This message is not shown on the PC / Phone / Tablet versions

Any help on how to get rid of this would be appreciated, although given a lack of other topics about this I feel it may be a bug which is why I have posted this in the bug category.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This might be a dumb question considering that you just said the game isn’t in experimental mode (both places), but did you select FilteringEnabled in both studios? Also, when was the last publish to your game?

I just figured this out whilst sanity checking myself. It was the case that everything was FE, but I forgot I added a new place a few weeks ago so it could access datastores.

Despite this place being private and never played, it was presenting this error. I thought that since EM was removed it was no longer necessary to play places to refresh their status - especially as new places are FE by default anyway.


What is the solution that you figured out? Does it have something to do with filtering?

I would also like to know the solution to this. My game is stuck in a perpetual “This game may not function as intended” on Xbox while it is fine on PC. I tried manually typing in the console to teleport to every single place on Xbox (it was very painful), but it just spit out an error message saying I was unauthorized to do so every time. I’m sort of stuck without any proper solution here.