"This game may not function as intended" message won't go away

One of my games has the message on its page that “this game may not function as intended.” According to other posts on this forum, this message goes away one the place is visited and the game is updated afterwards. I have tried both and the message is still persisting. Is there anything else I can try to get rid of this message?

This may sound dumb, but is FilteringEnabled on in Workspace?

Apparently it’s a bug that’s happening to a few people now. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Also, the FilteringEnabled property does nothing now. Filtering is on by default in all newly created places and cannot be disabled.


Yep, FilteringEnabled is turned on for all places in the game.

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It should go away after you play the game at least once. If not then it doesn’t mean anything; the filtering is still in effect. In an earlier reply I referenced a post by a Roblox staff member saying the messages will eventually be removed completely.

While it doesn’t mean anything in terms of how the game functions, it still dissuades some people from playing the game if they see that