This is a Bug but I don't have access to post in the Bug Reports for Editor

Can someone please move this to the correct section. Or post a new post in Bugs for the editor.
I have had friends try the same thing and they all are getting the same result.

The server is not replicating through to the client properly.
Put a sphere part up in the air and anchor it. Attach a script to it. Wait a few seconds and then have it un-anchor and drop. Then trigger a touched event to anchor it again when it touches the ground. On the client it gets half way and stops. Switch to server view and the ball is on the ground.

Only does this in editor. Publish game and works fine

part = script.Parent

part.Anchored = false

	part.Anchored = true



You can submit bug reports by sending a direct message to @Bug-Support.
Ensure that it is properly formatted, preferably with subheadings for each section (e.g. What happens; What you expected to happen; Reproduction steps; any other headings that I am forgetting.