This is Awkward.. I banned myself. Now I can't get in. Please help me I feel stupid

Hi everyone! Wow this is going to be a dumb post. I’m crying laughing because I’m a total idiot. So, me and my scripter were working on the game and we did like kick, ban and warn commands (mostly him). Now he is offline (bedtime) and I went to test the game. Now, I thought the game had exceptions about owners, devs, etc. But no. I typed my username into the ban box and boom got banned. Lord heavens, I thought it would give me an error. Is there a way to help me get out of this situation please? (P.S I obviously still have access to the game in Studio). If you need any code to see, please tell me and I’ll send it.

Also note, PLEASE DO NOT BAN YOURSELF UNLESS YOU HAVE EXCEPTIONS LIKE I DID.I feel like an idiot and I’m crying laughing.


(P.S I hope you got to laugh while reading this.)


The only thing you can really do is to wait for him to wake up and see if he can unban you.

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Well, since I still have access to the STUDIO (I have all the files and stuff). Can’t I do it myself or…?

(I am sorry I am really dumb. It’s 10:39PM I have worked all day on the game and now I have the mentality of a chicken)

You’ll have to find the name of the datastore he’s using to save bans and write a script to remove yourself from the datastore. Then just log into the game you’ll probably get kicked saying you’re banned still but the scirpt will remove you from the datastore and from then on you won’t be banned.

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Yeah I mean you can probably find a way on studio to unban yourself but I wouldn’t know i’m knew to scripting.

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I… well. I have to ask him if that’s the case because I do not know what to write in the script.

Well, With one line of code:


First of all, You would have to locate your Datastore, most likely in ServerScriptService.
Just disable the Datastore script until your scripter* comes back.


You can try to find the datastore name and the key format, then get the datastore and call RemoveAsync with the key (also replace the userid thing with your userid) as the argument in a random code or command bar.

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Thank you so much sir. I’ll ask him to fix it properly because, I MIGHT have broken it a bit but I can get it now. Thank you so much once more.

(P.S Hope you got a great laugh.)

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