This is my New Gfx


I think it looks really cool! :sunglasses: Although the left arm is a bit to high for the shoulder

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its alright, but my icey sense senses lots of noise in this image, (make sure to denoise) and disproportionately positioned and scaled arms. i dont know why he’s so sad, and when they raise their hand that high, its like they’re raising hand in a CLASSROOM. The set design is alright, but way too many lightbulbs or whatever, the walls are solid black with no texture or anything its like jet black no light or even reflections or dry wall texture, the poster kind of gives off light, and the lighting in the room is bland. there seem to be no shadows or rays or even windows in the room at all. the character doesn’t look like he is holding an axe, and axes are heavy, if you held it outwards like that, your arm would H U R T. make him hold it closer in or supported by something (why is he even holding an axe). make sure to add texture to the floor, and make sure we can see the full ‘lo’ letter thing in the corner, its kind of weird that it is cut out, and after you fix/add all of these i think it will be better.

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A little noisy but its very good! good job.

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Being honest, it looks like you are just starting GFX. And if you are, this is great for somebody just starting out but there a few problems.

Problem #1

Being honest, it looks like he never left his room. The room is almost all black with the exception of the bed and night stand. Plus, with all of this darkness it looks like he is standing in the sun but the only lights in the room are the string lights above the bed and the sign on the nightstand.

Problem #2

The noise on the character. When looking at this GFX, the first thing I saw I didn’t like was the noise on this character. There is nothing else really to say here, just make sure to denoise!

Problem #3

The last thing I don’t love in this GFX is the axe. My first question is, why is he even holding an axe? If you could explain that, that would be great. But other then that, like @IceTheOneAndOnly said, your arm would hurt if you held it outwards like in that position, so this does not make it really realistic.

Other then that, keep up the great work! Your decent now, but I will bet you become better over time!

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I think the shading could use some work, doesn’t look realistic.

If your using Roblox studio to do your GFXs, highly suggest moving to Blender for doing all of the shading.

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