This is no simulator revamped Gui feedback

I am making a game called this is no simulator (revamped) and this is the main GUI.
It is a story game with different choices and paths you can choose.
Do you like the design?


Hello there, this is honestly a good gui, it looks good and the concept of it is original aswell.
In my opinion, the only thing that you could add to this is maybe some colour variations such as red, green, orange and other lovely colours, so it can look even better and attract people even more.
Other than that, i think you’ve done a great job working on this. Keep it up ! :slight_smile:

Overall, it is pretty well designed considering the purpose of it.

A few things I would suggest changing. First the background, everything except for the buttons (when they change) has a dark color, you should change the background to a somewhat brighter color to make the rest POP. Then some of the text, the “Story game” text has ‘game’ which isn’t capitalized. I would change this as all other text with 2 words (excluding paragraph) is capitalized. Continuing with text, the Music’s description looks somewhat funky as ‘between’ is just to big to fit on the first line. Since you probably don’t want to rescale all of those buttons I suggest centering it.

Otherwise nice UI.


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the color of the game map button changes once you finished that path

Oh i didn’t pay attention to that, but even though all of the colours look really dark, maybe consider changing some to bright (lovely) colours as a stated before. Other than that, everything else is great.

Even tho I noted this in my earlier reply, the background still seems dull. Maybe change it to a gradient.

where would you suggest changing the colors?

Or maybe consider putting the thumbnail of the game, if you have one, in the background so it looks a bit more lovely, because it’s kind of depressing seeing all these dark colours once you start the game.

Try applying it as a background, and see if it actually fits or not.
If it doesn’t fit, then i guess you could keep the Gui like how it already is.


Yeah it actually looks really great like that. Keep up the great work.

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the dark color scheme in the menu should also be a contrast to the rest of the game with parts mostly being white or vivid colors

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Yeah, i think that should be good aswell.

the game is a critique to all of these cashgrab games like simulators or even all of the almost identical story games that are on the front page.

I’ve never seen a game like that before, this is a really original idea.
You’re putting a lot of hardwork on this, with more perseverance and hard work your game can make it to the front page aswell.
I can’t wait to see the final result of the game once it’s released.

You can already try the old game I made.
I am just completely revamping the game.