This is really frustrating, there has to be at least a discussion on this, I'm hoping someone can help

So, I have a fish system that uses Bodyposition, and Bodygyro. It works, everything works after a few hours, although the fish randomly just delete themself, nothing deletes them, I changed it to alignposition, alignorientation which didn’t delete it, but literally who likes the new bodymovers they have to always be an attachment, they’re buggy, and they’re harder to use. You legit changed the perfect bodymovers to something, and downgraded it. I don’t wanna use the new bodymovers, I just wanna use the old ones, everything works but after 1-2 hours they delete themself randomly… Just

Does anyone have an idea to fix this, please?

The new body movers are essentially mandatory. The old body movers are all deprecated and should not be used for newer work, even if your opinion on them isn’t very good.

The body movers do have slight changes to their properties, but maintain the exact same functionality as the corresponding old ones. When used properly, no bugs occur with them at all. Not any I have found at least.

The new bodymovers make it extremely inconvenient, and the fact you always have to use an attachment is frustrating, and they aren’t as smooth as the old bodymovers I don’t want to use them I just want to use the old bodymovers, is their anyway to fix this issue?

How do u even make it so the player can ride a part and not fall off?

Unfortunately there is no way to fix the issue, and unfortunately for you, unless you let them delete themselves, you have to use the new body movers.

Using an attachment is a little inconvenient, but it really isn’t much more difficult.

There are many ways you could do this.

You could replace the part with a seat completely. Or instead of replacing the part, you could create a new seat, make it have the same position, make it ever so slightly bigger, and weld the seat to the part with a WeldConstraint.
I would personally go with the first of the two.

I don’t want it as a seat. I want it where u stand on the part, and you don’t fall off, it does this but the character like glitches a bit but with the old bodymovers it was smooth.

In that case, you could set PlatformStand on the character’s humanoid to true, then use a WeldConstraint on the HumanoidRootPart and the part they’re moving with so they don’t slide off. The only downside to that is the animations will most definitely stop when PlatformStand is true. You could remedy that by setting the JumpHeight/JumpPower (depends on which your game is set to use) and WalkSpeed to zero.

I prefer the old bodymovers this is just extremely unnecessary

Exactly. The only problem you’re going to have is bugs, especially like you already have, because they are all deprecated. It’s either deal with using the new body movers, or go out of your way to do highly unnecessary stuff like that in order for it to work, because I guarantee you aren’t going to settle on dealing with the bugs because that is the whole reason you created the topic. Those are the only two options, and trust me, the first option is way better than anything else you’ll do.

Roblox needs to stop changing stuff that no body has asked for, it was perfectly fine on how it was.

Like how they removed stamper, the classic btools

You are one of very few people I’ve seen actually complain about the new body movers. Everyone else I’ve talked to about it since they were added prefers them actually, and I do as well.

They really aren’t that different. Just read on the documentation some so you know how to work the properties if you haven’t already, and it will carry the exact same functionality as the corresponding old body mover. It even says they all have the same functionality as the old ones.
Always having to use an attachment can be annoying, but it doesn’t make much more effort. It does take way more effort to complain and refuse to use them, though. Just saying

It’s not about them being difficult it’s about the inconveniency, like using attachments, why? The player can’t even stand on a part without falling off, the moving looks scuffed, I just want the old bodymovers back, it’s like they don’t even care about the classic players anymore literally nothing stays the same, they can’t leave stuff be.

The attachment is kinda like an Adornee property on some classes, like a Highlight or SelectionBox. It can eliminate the need of setting a parent directly to what you want it to apply to. The attachment is the only thing that needs to be parented, then the body mover will apply to the parent of the attachment.
Just like with a SelectionBox object, it won’t put the selection on anything unless it has the Adornee property set to an object. And once the Adornee property is set, it doesn’t matter what the parent of the SelectionBox is, it will only apply the selection to that object as long as both the Adornee object and SelectionBox are in the workspace (or ViewportFrame)

I understand preferring the old ones, and the inconvenience of them is definitely real. Especially if you’re someone who’s watching a tutorial and they use any old body mover. I could see that definitely being annoying; however, they are deprecated now in favor of the new ones, so the new ones must be used unless you want to live with bugs.

Definitely not just directly taken from a ChatGPT output.

Not at all.

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lol when you said that you made him delete it.

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I was going to edit the post with “and they deleted the post when they got called out :sob:”, but I didn’t want to bump the post lol

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I wasn’t excited about the switch to AlignPosition and AlignOrientation when they were released either. But you get used to them after a while. You can set Mode to OneAttachment if you want to set the Position /CFrame property directly rather than moving a second attachment. The only advantages of using BodyMovers (that I can think of) are the simplicity as well as the Force property being a Vector3 instead of a number in case you wanted to lock the constraint to a certain plane. I assume the legacy BodyMovers run on ancient code and that the newer objects are more efficient. Overall, the switch from BodyMovers to the “new” objects went from being a nuisance to just meh. Once I figured out how to use them, I didn’t really care. Though I can’t say I use those constraints enough to be seriously affected by that change.