" This item is not currently for sale " Problem

Sorry, I don’t know what topic should I post this.

So, when I click buy the gamepass in-game GUI shop.
It shows up like this.

This is my gamepass setting.

And same as the developer product, when I click buy it shows up like that too.

( It’s a donate product )

Did you:

  • Save the product’s settings?
  • Change the product ID in the script that prompts the purchase?
  • Check if the product/gamepass is in the same place (universe) where you are trying to sell it? (For this you would need to enable “3rd party sales” in the game settings.)
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Yes, I did all of that.
But, It’s still bug.

It’s most likely a mis-type within the prompt script.

Check the ID matches with the one in the URL.
Check the devproduct is actually there when you click “configure experience/place”

Are you trying this in game or in studio?

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Probably not the problem, but make sure you’re using MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase and not anything related to gamepasses or MarketplaceService:PromptPurchase