This might be my last ever model if things go badly

Name: Neon signs
Creator: THULiCORE
Time taken: 20 min

Details: Tomorrow is Parent’s Evening for me, so I might be forced to quit Roblox Development :frowning:

If the worst comes, goodbye, everyone. I will miss you all.

Edit: I survived thank god, but I get a cut to dev time (-1 hour every Thursday)


what? what are you talking about?

i also like the model.

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I like the model, but this does not need to be mentioned,


Is everything alright…?

Nice model though! Now use it in something.

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I’m just letting y’all know cause it could go badly, meaning goodbye Roblox development. Still will remove it though based on public vote

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As @dedozarsalt mentioned you just could say that you might quit roblox development due to (private problems) I wish you all good though

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sorry to hear that…although it sounds a bit concerning on the way you have said this.

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Great model by the way, forgot to say


What happens to your shop if you quit roblox? Will you release your models publicly?

Can’t upload to the toolbox when I have no internet.

Also, to those others who have expressed something like this:

I get it. Usually it would be taboo to talk about it. However, my father is abusive, so I decided that if I were to be at his mercy tomorrow, the devforum would be difficult to reach but still reachable by IRL people who would like to investigate what happened to me after not being in school for weeks. I also believe that it would be a moral duty to let the world know that my father is a bad person. Hope that helps explain it.

Edit: Please do NOT tell me to call the police, you can’t report something that hasn’t happened yet.

You can just call the police if you are in an abusive household

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[this post has been deleted oops]

You can still call the police about it, saying your dad is abusive and that you’re worried. Please just stay safe.


you can definitely report something that hasnt happened yet. Being in the household of an abusive parent and telling it to the police lets them know that something bad is going on and thats important

if youre really getting abused or afraid for your life skip school and go to police asap

That is not how it works. You look like an underaged alt lmao.

Good luck Thuli, the Almighty Brickspammer. See ya around.

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Do you have any relatives who are nicer? I hope there is a CPS equivalent in the UK.

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What do you mean by this? This text will be blurred

I think when he says that his father is abusive he probably means his father is abusive.


he survived broskies


This text will be hidden

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