This pathfinding isn't working as intended

Currently I’m working on a game called Turrim Siege; all you need to know is that it’s a Tower Defense Game. One of my developers ‘rigger5678’ had found a problem when it came to the pathfinding. He addressed the problems that the humanoid is either slow and it would spin around the baseplate.

Footage he showed me about the problem:

Two more things to note is that the script is currently disabled so it isn’t the script’s fault (which is why I didn’t put this is in scripting support.) Lastly, when the same script was put into a normal humanoid it worked perfectly fine.

If you know the problem either DM me at ‘reallumpyman #4796’ or the developer who found this out Smile Man #3279, or message me using the Dev Forum.

This is a technical problem so it does belong in Scripting Support, it’s not a design issue.

We can’t exactly help you if you don’t provide sufficient information and the problem should be resolved in the thread itself rather than posting to call people to DMs because the resolution may help other developers who are experiencing the same problems.

Are you able to provide more information or a barebones repro demonstrating the problem?

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well i think it’s gliding like that because you either sized the rig or might’ve changed the Humanoid.HipHeight so probably set it to something bigger if the rig was sized smaller?

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Thank you for clearing the confusion I’ve had, I thought this belonged in Game Design Support because this had nothing to do with the script exactly. But again thank you for informing me on this, I’m quite new to the Dev Forum so this is really helpful. Also I really couldn’t explain much due to this post being really rushed.

I can’t thank you enough! I am genuinely thankful, this works and I’m so glad.