This Plugin Creates Maps! (Map Generator)

I made a plugin that generates simulator maps for you! The plugin has over 100+ different assets and 5 unique map types, the plugin also lets you customize your map with in seconds!

This plugin helps you save hours on building, and if you would like to get the plugin for yourself you can here!

(Please don’t steal the assets and say it’s yours)

Thanks to to all the people that helped me make the plugin!

  • nkowz / Scripting
  • HardlyADev / Building
  • QuixPlayss / Modeling
  • Glimmer / Modeling
  • AncientRyland / Modeling

Thanks for reading my post! :upside_down_face:


This seems like a great starting point for a game I’ve started on. Just from the video, it looks like it’ll be good. But I’m hoping the plugin will give more options. Checking it out now.

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Ok, so I played with it for about 20 minutes. Initial impressions, I like it.

  • Basic and direct to the point. Generates a square map, as shown in the video from the dev.
  • I was hoping for more options than what was in the video, but there aren’t any. That’s fine, but it would be nice to have options.
  • Options available are to make the map sparse with decoration or not (normal). And Medium or Large size. Not sure why it’s no small option, but I don’t need a small option for my use case.
  • The map generated is random and there’s no control over what it generates. It’s fine if you’re not looking for something specific. But if you’re going for a theme or want a specific style or color scheme or something unique like that, you won’t get it out of the box with this. However, it’s an absolutely great starting point.
  • The map is nicely organized and easy to manipulate after it’s placed in.


  1. Could you allow for choices of color? For example, I’d like to choose the color of the border mountains and the color of the tops of them.
  2. Could you allow for choices of textures? For example, the ground could have options like grass, sand, rocks, etc
  3. Could you allow for the options of depth of border? For example, right now there’s one row of mountains for the border. How about an option like 3 rows or something like that. At the same time, an option for the height of each row. So, like if you wanted to make something like a mountain landscape, set the inner border to a height of 10 (just an arbitrary random number for the example), the second border a height of 20 and a third border a height of 50. Or that could be randomized as well?
  4. Could you add an option for theme/style? Forest, winter, beach, mountain, etc. I’m basing those options on the current themes that seem to be there already.

Definitely worth the cost of the robux for me (100 robux at the time of writing this), personally. I just added 3 more areas to my game in less than 20 minutes and each area is unique. So that’s a major time saver in my opinion. I’ll tweak them each to make them “my own” but like i said a couple times, it’s a great starting point.

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Thanks so much for checking out the plugin! And thanks for giving feedback I really appreciate it, also you had really good ideas for the plugin that I will look into adding!

you should probably put this post in #resources:community-resources

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