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Odd. I’ve literally never experienced this bug. I’ll start using the headlight when I open studio to see if it replicates.

Do any errors appear at all?

Nope, no errors. It’s very odd, and I get that it’s a hard thing to fix.

Here’s a quick video showcasing my most common issue, which is where the part just doesn’t update to the camera position. It can start broken when I launch studio, but it can also break midway through.

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Thanks for the footage. Very odd. I’ll look into it when I get the chance.

Appreciate the report and I’ll let you know when I have a cause or a fix.

This is insane, specifically selection features and quick pivot. Even the minor details like auto wedge and headlamp are just cool things to have linked under the same plugin. It’s a shame some of these features aren’t already integrated into studio, I might have to buy this… :sob:

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Thanks for the feedback!
You definitely won’t regret buying it if you do. I’m always using it myself.