"This post has been solved" although it hasn't been

“This topic has been solved” is showing although I could not find any solution on the OP.

Reproduction steps:

  • Make topic
  • Give it a solution
  • Solution box won’t show on OP.

Expected behavior:

  • Solution box shows at the bottom of the OP once a solution is chosen.

This is probably just an issue with your webpage not being updated:

I assume your webpage is old, but when you’re making a reply it checks to see if the topic has a solution.


Going to assume the above solves your problem. I think Discourse doesn’t broadcast solution events or does not update the page when one comes in, so you need to refresh to see the solution mark appear.

Please file a feature request on meta.discourse.org or in #forum-help:forum-features if you want to see this improved.


It happened again. How would I have gotten on at the exact time

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