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Tell us more on how much you ran, on what days, etc. We can’t help you if you’re just complaining about your game not getting poplular.


Hi soccer again,

If your game is playable on mobile, I would sponsor it for mobile, due to it getting the most impressions for the cheapest amount of robux. You should try that. If you have an attractive ad banned you should go for that to.
If you want to have an active game you need to expect to run a lot. For example running 100 robux will basically not get you anywhere.



Alright. I checked out your game, and I see why it isn’t popular.

Its not playable on mobile

While playing your game, I found no way to use my sword on my phone. This prevents mobile users from playing. Most of Roblox’s playerbase plays on mobile, so you are losing a lot of players.

It seems rushed.
The game feels really rushed. The “Help” button, for example. It doesn’t feel smooth.
You could’ve spent more time on core features, instead of making things like twitter codes.

The game isn’t inviting
As soon as I joined, the game didn’t feel good. For an RPG, I expected something a bit more welcoming to adventure. I didn’t really want to explore with how dull the game looks

First impressions:
  • The intro takes forever. I don’t really want to see everyone who developed the game in a super long cutscene every time I play.
  • Pressing “NO” for your tutorial doesn’t work, so it just gets stuck on screen forever.
  • The “X” on both the shop and the TUTORIALS doesn’t work. I have to press their sidebar buttons for them to close. Also, the text overlaps with the X and the shop appears on top of the tutorials.
  • I couldn’t find the research facility for a while, since there’s no sign or indication of where it is. It would be nice if I spawned there.
  • I couldn’t figure out how to buy the starter sword until I randomly started clicking stuff and realized that the price listing was the button to buy. If you have an exit button, you can have a buy button too!
  • The UI is inconsistent. There’s a cyan exit button, white Xs for the shop, and a red “NO” for the tutorial.
  • The trees aren’t even solid? I can just walk right through. Apparently one tree is solid, but it has a floating leaf.
  • The “enemies” don’t even fight back. I’m trying to grind to the next area to see if those enemies fight back, but it costs a ton of money to even get to that point and the game is super boring until then.
  • You can die in the shop, apparently.
  • You don’t even have to swing the sword to do damage???
  • There’s a gap in the shop where it doesn’t update the UI at all:

  • The iron sword and lance are just gray parts (see edit)
  • One of your devs joined and made things a bit more, uh, interesting:
  • Killing other players doesn’t feel rewarding. If it gave me some of their money or something (maybe 10% capping off at 1000? Not sure how you would balance that), then there would be an actual purpose to fighting others.
  • I can’t even tell what this is, but it’s in the middle of the path:
  • All the buildings (except the research center or whatever it’s called, I already forgot the name) are the same copy pasted useless empty building. It doesn’t feel like a town.
  • There’s a random gray part in the middle of nowhere:

I’ll update this post once I get to the next area, but so far the game is extremely boring.

Edit: I got to the next area, and it’s not really different from the first.

  • The enemies still don’t fight back, but if you walk directly into them they do damage
  • I had trouble getting into the next area because if you say you don’t want to buy the door then the option doesn’t pop up again until you reset.
  • The Anubis Guards are the the same level as the Titan Noobs, but they actually do damage. I think the ability to actually hurt makes them deserve a higher level.
  • The explorer tells you not to go into the pyramid, but you can’t?
  • There’s only two areas, so I don’t really think this game is ready for release. It seems like something you’d expect from beta.
  • Music takes about 15 seconds to kick in once I die.
  • Is the currency coins or cash? It’s inconsistent even though they’re right next to each other.
  • The iron sword apparently isn’t just a gray part; it just looks bad in the shop.
  • Some pretty high up players joined, and their weapons were insta-kills. It doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get armor, so it looks like whatever somewhat-strong weapon is the longest is the most effective.
  • Titan noobs can get stuck behind the door, which means people that don’t have the door unlocked wouldn’t be able to kill it.
  • You stab yourself with the swing animation
    image image
  • Where’s the lava sword?
  • Only the starter sword has a tool icon:
    image image
    Edit 2:

There are several issues, especially with UX.

  • Not clear what to do (You don’t spawn with anything and you have to figure out what to do)
  • UI isn’t very clear and has issues (the X buttons don’t work, no button on the tutorial doesn’t work)
  • Twitter button pops up but tweens out (only works once, you have to reset to open it again)
  • Players can kill other players
  • Bad Collisions


  • Shop doesn’t have a buy button, and its not obvious you have to click on the bottom bar to buy the item.
  • Assets aren’t preloaded
  • Can glitch into areas, making buying them pointless
  • The barrier between the zones is just a grey box with a surface gui.
  • Only 2 zones, but when looking outside the map there appears to be more.
  • There is multiple of the same house
  • Can’t see some of the items in the shop (Unanchored?)
  • Last item in the shop clips through the wall
  • Weird Polygons in the map
  • Most of the map serves little purpose, only to hold enemies which don’t even attempt to fight back
  • When you kill an enemy, there is nothing that tells you that you just got gold besides your stat updating in the leaderboard
  • Data doesn’t save (atleast your money doesn’t, but i still have my sword?)
Weird Kick reason

Is this supposed to happen? (i don’t think this is allowed on roblox)



Played for about 2 minutes and found a few things.

  • The loading screen is pretty long.
  • You should spawn with the starter sword.
  • Swords can deal damage even when the tool isn’t activated
  • Players can kill other players

It has a lot of similarities with my old RPG game that never got finished.
It even has my Infinity Blade gamepass.


It would be a much better fit to move this over to #development-support:game-design-support and ask for feedback on your game as well as how to build your market. Phrasing it as “why isn’t my game getting popular” makes it sound like your game is entitled to popularity off the get-go. It also gives off the impression that you’re confident your strategies work but aren’t looking for improvement.


Sorry for the minor hop off the topic but, is this statistically correct? I always assumed mobile players are far less in number


Depends on what type of game you’re making.


On my game mobile users make up a reasonable amount of the people that are playing.

There are probably more people that play on PC than on mobile, but if a game is well made for mobile it doesn’t seem impossible that it could have more than half of its player base be mobile players.


I don’t want to hate on a guy, but “Why isn’t my game getting popular” seems odd to me, it sounds like you think your entitled to it?

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Like everyone else is saying, your game isn’t really that polished and doesn’t have the quality that most people expect. People expect for X buttons on the UI to work, and your game doesn’t really have a lot of structure to it. It’s also not well explained in the help UI.

I think that sponsoring or advertising isn’t really the problem here. In the end, getting a game popular depends more on the content of the game and how polished it is, and less on marketing strategy/advertising. I would re-work some aspects of your game and try again.


It would be nice to add better Uis!


Here is a blog post, showing that mobile is the fastest growing platform.

It wouldn’t surprise me if mobile users are the majority at this point.


I see a few big issues:

  1. Intro is way too long and completely pointless. I willingly joined the game to give feedback, but the intro even tested my patience. Any ordinary player who has no obligation to play the game will likely leave before the intro ends.
  2. You start off in the middle of the field with no direction as to where to go first. It might seem obvious to you, the game creator, that you have to talk to the guy at the center (by walking close to him) who leads you to the lab, but some players might not understand this.
  3. Adding onto the last point, the only visible sign I saw was the one asking for donations at the lab. At the very least, put a sign pointing towards the lab if it isn’t clear enough.
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In my games, they seem to trend more with frequent updates and good instructions on how to play. The updates seem to keep people coming back, instructions seem to give games a higher rate of likes to dislikes, and advertisements can keep new players comming.

Many posts I’ve read above seem to give tips on improving your game; I recommend taking their advice. I’d also recommend removing that Kohls Admin thing, when players see it they might suspect you’re using free models.

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  1. Straight off the bat, your like to dislike ratio has more dislikes than likes. This sends an alarm off to players, who will instinctively try to avoid it.
  2. The first thumbnail seems very simplistic, and doesn’t really draw in players. The second is good, but I didn’t notice it until later as it’s hidden behind the other.
  3. The intro is not helping at all. If this post wasn’t being made, I’d have left after 10 seconds. It seems like you’re trying to draw suspense at one point in the intro, but it’s the beginning. We just wanna play. Additionally, The layout of the intro is also still basic, and when “In association with…” is being written, it seems like there isn’t enough space in width (x-axis), as it changes size and jumps onto another line midway. Also, you have a fading thing going on with the logo, but it just goes away instantly, which is a minor inconsistency.
  4. Let’s talk about the GUI layout.

    In-game, the question mark doesn’t seem to be centered. Additionally, the GUI’s layout and icons are very basic, and their sizes are inconsistent. It looks like some of them (i.e. the Twitter GUI) look squished. On top of that, you have Kohl’s Admin Infinite in the bottom right corner. Front-page games don’t have this, and it just covers the Help GUI, hurting your GUI layout even more. Also, the coins button isn’t on a corner as the Help GUI is, making it feel out of place. Your X buttons don’t work, and I think as it’s mentioned above, you’re switching between coins and cash, which really confuses me, as I don’t know if you have 1 or 2 or multiple currencies.
  5. The builder has done an alright job here. However, I’m confused where to go, so signs would be nice. Also, the neon parts are too overpowering, and just don’t rub me the way.
  6. There is no tutorial. I haven’t figured out what to do, and what’s the story plot. I went up to the Professor Trunks, and I still am confused about what the objective is.

All in all, this project feels very uncoordinated and rushed. You have an inconsistency between currency names, players have to drudge through a very basic intro, have a simplistic and basic thumbnail as their first impression, while possibly being unaware of what the game’s storyline is, or plot. In my opinion, these, along with many other possible issues, are why it’s not popular, and rightfully so in my opinion.

Also, I have two questions. How much robux did you advertise or sponsor with for this game, and why did you name the topic this? It feels like you believe this game is destined for the front page, despite all these visible errors. (No offense)


Just went into your game, and there is a few issues on why your game is not getting popular!!

  • The first thumbnails doesn’t really fit the game, i would suggest you change that as it seems to really not draw any players to play your game. And the low poly building looks a little rushed as you can see there is a lot of gaps! on the side of the building and on the front on it! and the roof on the building. Is not placed on the building part i would recommend you fix that a bit more.


  • The game seems to be rushed on, as you can see there is a lot of. Your trees/grass/plants that are of the ground a bit and some of your weapons. In the shop is missing as you can see (Heavenly Blade) and (Kuni) also there seems to be, another sword piece in the box in the shop area.

  • Just by looking around the map. It looks like you just copy and past things all over map area, i would suggest you add different things inside your map! and should remove that Kohl Admin in your game. That doesn’t really fit in your game and it’s really not supposed to be in there. If your game is a about (Sword Realms) i would suggest you remove that!! and try fixing up your trees a bit more. The leaves are not connected to the branches.





Same Item Name


  • Your (GUI) when i open the shop icon on the side, and try to close the page it seems the X button doesn’t work! and it’s also not centered it’s a little down to the page. As you can see i would suggest you fix that… The terrain by the shop it looks like you didn’t lined it up and you probably rushed with that as. When you go to the end of the terrain it cuts off!!

  • The Titan noobs they don’t attack at you and they get stuck, in the walls and the door. And your map looks like you’ve put a lot of stuff, around different places that are really not supposed to be there. And your little shop building the roof on it looks! rushed as you can see one of the parts are a little high then the other side!!

  • As you can see a lot of your models. Are off the ground a bit you should try making different styles of buildings and fill up the map, more so it could look better as i see it your game looks half done and you should take your time instead of rushing with it. Look over the map to see if it looks better!! also fix some of your UI.



Alright, I checked out your game. I like studying various gameplay styles, and here it looks like you took the approach many simulators take such as a progression game from a basic task. This is a very successful gamestyle, its simple and addictive. So your game has potential to attract player income, but right now its not complete.

The first impression players see is a detailed introduction gui which features its developers and the name of the game. My only issue with this gui is that it should also be tied into the tutorial prompt. This gives the player a starting direction.

Focusing on some of the GUIs that I used to start the game myself, I found the help menu very confusing.
A player starts out with no weapons or cash; the help menu declares cash is earned by killing monsters… but weapons are earned by cash. So for someone to play they need to find the lab and realize the first weapon is actually free. My first impression was that robux was required to begin the game by this wording.

The tutorial should be interactive, otherwise its not terribly effective.

Also, go over and check that each button in the GUIs do work. Because, I found a number of GUIs I could not exit unless I reset my character.

These are key issues that hinder player’s first impressions. So to start, look over the functionality of your GUIs. Give the players a direction the first time they play by automatically prompting an interactive tutorial and giving them either cash or a weapon so that they have something. Once you are able to deliver outstanding first impressions, give the players more direction. If they can’t unlock new maps, or anything but new weapons that speed up game progress there is nowhere for the players to go.

I wish ya the best of luck, I really do hope these points help you modify your game so that it engages a large player base.

":smiley:90% done. By Sylent Games :hugs: "

This is not true. Your game is like 20% done. It needs a lot of work and bug fixing. I’m not actually going to put any feedback here as everyone else has already told you enough of what needs to be fixed. Good luck on your project.

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