This rigs animation wont load

local animation = game.Workspace.Animatronics.AnimatronicAnimations.Chica.CameraStare

local animator = script.Parent.Humanoid.Animator

local anim = animator:LoadAnimation(animation)


why wont it play?

This issue is probably the caused by the game’s creator and the animation’s creator not being the same.

Please check this and upload the animation to either the group who made the game or let the person who made the game upload this instead.

This can be caused by an error as well, please let us know if there are any errors when trying to play the animation.

If this helped, please close this topic! :smiley:

Try this, but this isn’t recommended, because it uses old method from roblox to play animation, but mostly games in roblox still use the old method from roblox for that.

local animation = game.Workspace.Animatronics.AnimatronicAnimations.Chica.CameraStare
local hum = script.Parent.Humanoid
local anim = hum:LoadAnimation(animation)


Or if the animation still isn’t playing, then is because the animation is isn’t created by yours.

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I didn’t create the rig, but I did create the animation and the game. I am aware that Roblox Studio does not load animations if it isn’t yours, though

To be fair as it’s a custom rig I highly suggest to find experts to help you, I expect it to be a issue with the rig.
Go over a few things, such as:

  1. Is the whole rig anchored?
  2. Is it rigged up correctly?
  3. Are there any errors popping up?

Unfortunately, that worked. This is a wild guess but maybe it’s because the rig was created before Roblox’s animator thing?

Maybe yes, maybe not.
Because i never used the new method of roblox animation to play.

Where has the “Animator” object been instanced? Does it exist from the get-go (server), is it instanced by a server script (also server) or has it been instanced by a local script (client)?

It should be instanced by the server not the client.