This Roblox issue needs to be fixed

On Sep 4th 2022 I paid :robux:100 to run a 10 day add for Capture The Flag. The add was supposed to run from Sep 4th-10th but instead only ran for 3 days. When I saw that it only ran for three days the status said the add was stopped, but I did not stop it. I contacted Roblox support and I asked to get my robux that was not used back (they owed me :robux:70) and a couple of days later I saw 1 robux added to my account and I got an email from Roblox saying "Hello there,

Thank you for your patience.

We have reviewed your account and according to our records the unused Robux were credited back to your account. Please visit your sponsored Game Ad tab on your transaction page to know more.

If you need assistance with something else, please let us know."

I then told them that I believe I only got 1 robux refunded. Then they said "Hello there,

We’re sorry but we’re unable to provide you with any further information or response regarding this inquiry. We encourage you to review the previous information sent to you as we have provided you with all that we can at this time."

Because of this I will be stepping away from Roblox and will no longer work on Capture The Flag until this gets sorted out.

Nice knowing you,

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@david.baszucki @Roblox Pls look at this