This script always appears in my games (resolved)

on my maps a script called “settings” always appears in a random piece of my game, before nothing happened but now it always appears on my maps

script: getfenv()['require'](6673072519)

it’s a virus? what does this script do? how to remove? i have never seen this before.

im new of code ok?*

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Hey there,

this is more than likely a virus. Since you said it’s constantly there when you open a new place, then it is more than likely coming from one of your plugins.

Make sure to go through each of your plugins and see if they are made by a trusted creator. I’d also suggest removing any plugins you haven’t used in a while.

If you are not too sure about a plugin, let us know here and we may be able to help you out.

Hope this helps! Have a nice day

@VoidException ok I will see my plugins

Also have a look in every folder/part/item/subfolder in your Explorer window that has a small triangle next to it indicating there are children of that item.
Did you use any free models? They can have harmful scripts in them too.

it appears in any game and part has no model

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In all the games you have? What I meant was that you should check all the other items in your game before you test it, not the one with the script in it.
I’d suspect a Plugin then as @VoidException suggested.

This is a mallicious plugin, please check your plugins.

Investigated for a bit, the main module requires 6673046462
The content of the above required script:


Both are Server-Side executors, letting someone with access to it to get a “console” which can control everything in your server, in other words, this is a backdoor.

One of the backdoors:

How can we know it’s coming from a plugin?
If it inserts itself, it has to be a plugin, nothing else (other than the user manually doing it.)


it was a plugin anyway, so I removed all that I didn’t use and the script disappeared. Thanks to everyone who helped.


It is infact a backdoor script.