This Studio Thing Popped Up And I Don't Know How To Remove It

Now this may be in the wrong category but I couldn’t find any categories for this and this is kind of urgent.

So around 2 days ago I pressed a random key in my keyboard then this popped up:


Ever since, I was trying to remove it by keyboard spamming but it didn’t work. Since it was random, I didn’t know what key I pressed. Please, this is urgent so I’d like to know how to remove it. It appears every time I open studio. It’s clearly something from studio and not from my computer. Anyways, I’m hoping to get help.


Just reinstall Roblox Studio and/or Roblox Game Client

Are you sure it doesn’t remove all my saved progress?

As long as you always save it in your Roblox account, it should be saved there. When you log in after the reinstallation, everything should be there again.

Most are saved in my files, is that okay?

To remove it you just have to press SHIFT + F5. No need to reinstall the player.


I have no idea about that. You can save a copy of the saved files on the desktop or on a USB stick.

SHIFT + F5 Only runs the game.

I don’t really know how to do that, it seems like I’m screwed.

Where does it appear? In studio or when playing games?

In studio, not when playing games.

Ah, then add Ctrl. So, it’s gonna be CTRL + SHIFT + F5

For some reason, when I run the game then stop running it, it somehow removes it but also, when I tried doing CTRL + SHIFT + F5, the thing appeared while running the game.

In the view tab on the right you can toggle these metrics.

In your case the Network stats are enabled.


Wow, thanks a lot! That stopped it completely!

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