This Virus keeps following everywhere

I currently have this problem where whenever I make a game this thing pops up in the output saying something has been inserted (Picture below)
Another big problem is that it even follows me to OTHER accounts. I haven’t been able to find a solution anywhere on the internet about this specific thing.

I have tried to make new accounts and tried looking for what the file led to but it was just a deleted model and the link itself does nothing. I have been told by a friend that it may be a trojan virus on my pc because I have deleted all my plugins and nothing has worked. I also have tried rescanning my pc but it still said I was fine. Also I forgot to mention that the game creates a network client which I CANNOT delete, it also enables HTTPS Services without my permissions which makes it hard to know that I am safe when making a save system for my games (Because the save system I use requires HTTPS Services and API Services, Image is also below).
I have been dealing with this for a while already. If someone could help me out that would be great!


try uninstall then reinstall roblox studio i did that when i had a virus and it worked

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I don’t think this is bad. I looked and I see the same thing, sometimes I get that message or messages like that in the output. I haven’t used free models for over 6 months and if I did, I would make sure they are trusted. I think you are ok.

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I tried that and it wouldn’t work

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But the thing is that the virus follows me although the model itself no longer exist.

At least check what the asset is. It may be your plugin loading data needed for it to work.

Also NetworkClient and NetworkServer is due to Team Create enabled.

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I have checked the asset and it’s just deleted

Hey there! Try deleting roblox studio and roblox player and reinstall them, also if you are on windows go to the search bar on the bottom and type in %temp% and clear out all those files. If you think it is a free model causing this issue, try opening the command bar in roblox studio and type in this command"
for _, item in pairs(game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("MODELNAME"):GetDescendants()) do if item.ClassName == "Script" then item:Remove() end end and replace model name with the name of the model. This deletes any scripts which is inside that model, which removes any viruses inside models.

This is not a virus lol.

The datamodel is the game itself. This datamodel message is the game itself loading. The reason you see that when you open studio is because the place is loading itself into your computer.

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So if it’s deleted it can’t load anything malicious.

This is not a virus:
ClientReplicator is responsible for replicating the client’s connection to the server.

The first picture means the actual game is loading, which is the DataModel.

@Stratiz said it before me

Since you have teamcreate enabled, the changes have to be replicated to all the other clients. So they use a ClientReplicator instance to replicate the connections to the team create server. So if you place a part at Position (3, 3, 2), then all the other clients (developers in the game) will see it due to the clientreplicator replicating the connection and all the data they send to the server.


Oh alright, I was just confused as I never really knew about this. But thanks!

thats ClientReplicator its helpful, not a virus lol

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