This warning is showing in the output

Hey there, i was just play testing a game and this popped up in the output, it seems strange because there are no scripts like this in the game. Any ideas?


(I am also not fully sure if this is in the right category; please tell me if it isn’t and what category it should be in)

If you don’t have any scripts with the name ‘roblox-lua-promise’ then its just a roblox error and you can probably ignore it.
If its causing problems or your brain is bugging you about it restarting studio will most likely work.

I have restarted studio a few times and it keeps popping up, i think it may be a roblox thing that gets inserted (not to sure), but as you said it is probably nothing.

It’s the Roblox core scripts. They’ve been popping up on the Output window lately.

(See this post if you need a quick fix for this until roblox can fix it internally)

Please search for other posts instead of just instantly posting.
I’ve seen 50 of these today

I don’t use the forums much anymore, so i haven’t seen people have this issue.

You should’ve still checked.
This thing is everywhere and its hard to get actual real posts.

As i said before i haven’t seen people have this issue, it’s probably something to do with my settings.