This will be convenient for adding new items or make it more difficult?

I have a question if I use Modulescript to store information about items in the Shop such as Price, Image, Hoverimage. This Modulescript is located in ServerScriptService. Then when the player enters the game, there will be a localscript in StaterPlayerScript which will have an Invokeserver and if Success will send all item details information to be stored in the player’s Dictionary, then a new UI Shop will be created in the PlayerGUI from the information in the Dictionary. This information is only used to create the UI and is not used to check purchase conditions. Because it will be convenient to add new items.
But I’m not sure if working like this will cause the client side to work too hard.

it would probably be fine, but i personally would put the module script in replicated storage, and let the client require it themselves.

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