This will help you build

Hi everyone, in this day i’m going to help a lot of builders that begins their way, and maybe some advanced designers that can build everything beatifull 10/10, soo let’s started:

Soo, normally i’m scripter, and yesterday i got an idea, to make tool that generates a 3D shapes, this is shapes generated by my 3D drawer , it’s easy to use, set the radius, height, is full piramid, or maybe piramid without floor or prism , and then start, after it will finish work, select drawed model copy it, stop game in studio and then paste, you have now a regular shape, that are perfectly drawed. this is link to get this tool. I reccomend using that, especially for builders


I dont see a use in this. What are we supposed to use it for?


As a professional builder, I see no use of this. I have never had a time that I had to make 3D shapes, unless they were custom.


this is supposed to use when maybe you making aquarium, and you wan’t to be perfectly equals, soo you can use it ,and then modify, it’s only shape generator, i’m tell you that it is for begginers

This shapes are customizable, with angle , height, radius of ray , type, and of course material and color is customizable too , soo it’s usefull if you wan’t to make frames or something like this, a part of that this is good for presentations of 3d shapes

You should probably consider turning this into a plugin, where users can set the parameters so it’s much easier to work with. Also, there wouldn’t be any need to run the game, copy the build, and then stop it.

couldn’t you just use blender for custom 3D shapes???



I know you can use blender, but it’s need installation, and this script will help builders that begins and don’t like to use blender, and it’s only presentation, you know how hard is to generate 3d shape with math, how many things you have to do

there is geometry nodes in blender so you can generate 3d shape with math easily

i know, i’m used blender, but this is ingame shape builder, this is roblox version, i’m wan’t to share with people who haven’t installed blender, because idk their PC explode after they make this

also this won’t let you create custom shapes unlike blender…

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I know, i’m shared this for people who have no blender, and for show, it’s auto draw script in game, it can be used for effects maybe or something like this, don’t critic this, i know blender have a lot of options and modifiers but , this is roblox not blender