Thoghts on flight mechanics

Hey, i coded some aerodynamics system for my flight game and heres how it looks with basic controls.

(Green things are to visualize the force simulation)
I would be happy if you can give feedbacks, thank you!


This is interesting. I’ve tried to make a plane system before but failed. How does this work?


Check this out:

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I don’t think this would help a lot. Instead, this system simulates every part’s forces according to the air density and surface areas. There are few tutorials that would help about aerodynamics and flight mechanics on YouTube.

These flight mechanics look good! Nice job on them!

Thank you! Now I made it mobile and mouse controllable as well. And I also added flaps and such things.

Roblox flight simulators are gonna pop off . I’ve been doing large scale terrain projects in anticipation for really advanced flight mechanics.

This look cool, im also going to import real world terrain data for my game.

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