Thompson M1928 3D Model/Texture

Decided to make this one a little more accurately than my other ones, with text in the right places and real-life logos. Still decided to add my own little touch on the 50 round drum, though. Feedback and thoughts are appreciated!



Probably won’t be uploading textures to Roblox anytime soon until they work on moderation/the uploading process for SurfaceAppearance texture maps. Almost got banned just for uploading a metalness map (of which I have no control over).

Read through the whole thing? Here’s a joke:

What did the pirate say when he turned 80?
“Aye matey!”


Wow, that’s really good. What software do you use to make these?


That’s amazing! The render looks great, but I guess Studio dumbs it down and reduces polys (or I’m an idiot and you made a version using CSG and one using Blender.) This looks great. I love the texture on the render and the wood grain on both is the perfect orientation. I also like how you put a joke at the end of the post.


Great joke! Oh, the gun is great too


Blender and Substance Painter for modeling and texturing, respectively.

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