Thought Block on Puzzle Game

I want to make a puzzle game with a special twist, you can reverse/stop time, how would I implement this and make fun puzzles? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

Well, first of all, 2D or 3D?
You need to know how to script to do this, and you have Builder as your group.

3D and I have been scripting for more than 3 and 1/2 years and the time mechanic is done. I more or less need ideas for puzzles to do, and stuff.

Oh, okay then.
Make a Labyrinth, except with more modern traps (lasers, instead of spike traps and trap doors, etc.).
Make a maze that isn’t actually 1 story, you go up ramps (see picture attatched).
Make monsters that chase you.
Make it so that you have to solve puzzles to reveal secret doorways.
A maze in a ball.

This is the picture for the second suggestion.

Explain more and also how would I involve the time mechanic with this exactly?

Arent you working on a project with us alreadly???

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Well, if monsters are chasing you, you can pause time.
Also, if lasers are moving around, you can pause time, and they stop moving, making easy jumps.

I am but I usually work on smaller projects and other projects while working on main ones.

It would also be cool to see like maybe a staircase retracts in a pattern, and you have to reverse time to know how to get across.

Yes! That’s great. Maybe one of those things where you have to step on the keypad correctly (see picture attached).

If you don’t step in the right sequence, a trap springs, like a laser shoots you or an arrow gets shot at you.
I got this idea from Eg and Wild West during the Egg Hunt this year. If you went and got those eggs, you know what I mean.

Yeah, maybe! The hardest thing about making the game is making everything work. It’d be cool to work with you, a helping hand is almost always needed. xd

Here’s another idea! Maybe the player can shoot the monsters with weapons they find in the maze.

Yeah, maybe the player can freeze time, and then run around the monster and shoot them alot, or like maybe you could do trickshots since you have reversed time and know where the monster will go so you shoot there right before they go there.

Yes, as represented by another picture I drew, you can add “powerups”.

I was just gonna have it so you can reverse time and stop it whenever but having a limited amount of each and having powerups to increase it is a good idea and would have players try to do speedruns and probably keep playing to get it perfect.