Thought on this practice icon that I made?


Hey everyone! Yesterday I finished up this practice icon! I wanted to see everyone’s thoughts on it!
I added some effects, I hope they fit good!
Anyways, you can leave some thoughts and constructive criticism below in replies!PracticeNoobGFX


The use of lighting and colors are right, but the icon itself, even though this is just a practice design if you plan on using it for a current game the icon doesn’t really tell you a lot about what the game is about.

The effect placed on the sword looks good, it just seems it doesn’t seem to fit perhaps include effects on the sword the lighting looks a little weird the sword should feature a powerful sword in order to generate that effect it seems the effect was randomly placed on the sword.

The icon is clean and sleek, perhaps include a background and remove the effect or insert a powerful sword the only theme I get about the icon is that it’s a sort of sword theme game. I highly recommend removing or finding an effect that fits because at the moment, it is somewhat odd in my opinion normal swords won’t cast that effect.


The render is pretty clean. However, I think the glow effect on the perimeter of the character is a bit too strong, and on the contrary, the starburst effect in the background is far too faint.

The lightning effect on the sword is a good touch, but seems a little thin. The glowing outline is so bright that it overshadows it. What editing software are you using?

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This is amazing. I like the render, and the background you choose.

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Yeah. If this were for a game I would add a lot more stuff like a logo, more models from the game and etc
Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I can see what you mean.
I use Photoshop by the way!

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Thank you a bunch! I really appreciate it!