Thoughts about my Art museum showcase?

Any thoughts or suggestions about my new art museum showcase?

(This is only one part of the museum which is the entrance of course.)![Screenshot_3|690x403]


The building looks very clean and has a modern look to it. The paintings fit into the environment very well and the shadows makes the atmosphere i.e the building and the paintings, work together.

The only thing I can think of that you should change the chandelier, as well as to maybe add some benches. Although that is all up to you.

Great job :+1:


This museum is really nice in my opinion i would would add like a second floor with more art in it and lights. Plus i’ll make it more bigger to add more art on the top floor, and put some art on the floor like this for example:



And that is really all you can add some statues at the bottom floor. Other than that great job :+1:


It looks very nice but some of the art pieces appear to be too stretched. Perhaps those could fit a square frame better.


Simplicity is a double-edged sword: while you may be wanting to portray a more simple, down-to-earth theme, this usually has to be made up for with an awareness for the detail of specific objects. For example:
As you can see here, the window frames do not indent at all; they are completely level with the walls. Indeed, this may be normal in some circumstances, but in the event that you want to make individual objects stand out, it doesn’t achieve any real purpose.

Look at the floor in your second image; it’s very large and very plain. The tables themselves constitute two blocks, and in regards to the walls (the one with paintings excluded) there are very few items of interest.

Floors, interesting ceiling designs, galleries, balconies, statues: there are so many ways to make an art gallery interesting, and so few of them have been employed here. Instead, it looks plain and uninspiring. Perhaps somebody could see its simplicity as artistic at a first glance, but when they realise that most of the furniture comprises two undetailed parts, that interpretation may change. The idea of putting detail in a build is not to exaggerate realism, but to enhance it.

Other things that I don’t feel deserve paragraphing:

  • All of your paintings’ frames are the same size and the same colour. That’s boring and bad.
  • There are two exactly similar paintings on top of each other. Considering you posted this to the DevForum without having changed a single decal, I’m assuming you didn’t see that.
  • Why waste so much space showing paintings on one wall when you have so much space everywhere else? You haven’t been very economical with the large amount of space you’ve given your art museum.
  • For a museum, there is very little that makes it so. No signs showing off the history of artistic pieces, no “Please do not touch” signs, no pieces of art that are not paintings.

You said it’s a showcase, and a showcase is designed to show off building prowess. All I can really see is a lack of detail and a respect for historic art. Personally, I’d refine your own artistic sense for building and also plan the building better architecturally as not to delegate so much space to what is, essentially, unused flooring.

Good luck with your build, Carlo. Thanks for posting.


In the picture, I see a whole wall without paintings, might want to add that. You could also add a caption below each painting that tells what it is, just like in real museums.


Your light fixtures, frames, windows, and exhibits are rather rudimentary, and the over all build comes off as it could be built very quickly.

Had to dig in my files for a build I made to exhibit something (never ended up doing it, have the left over exhibit building though)

Though it only took an hour and a half to make, it looks very involved to some.


Have some more interesting frames to your paintings; heres just an example of what I did to do that from another build.

One of the painting’s actual decals was content deleted- explaining the one that is pink

The layout of them seems purposeful and the columns help break up the space. The frames themselves are very few parts and blocky, but it’ll help you with adding more to the build. Also typically there’s a lighting feature above each picture in museums, or it is hanging on strings.

The windows could use something to look more than just a blank rectangle- possibly add a frame inside each one?

Also in general, I think the build could use more interesting architecture (considering its displaying art).

Also, please improve on the lighting fixtures, seen here:


Some art museums dont have windows at all. Windows are great and all but in an art museum with paintings you typically dont want sunlight to interfere with the paint. It can damage it and change the colors and ruin the viewing experience. I would suggest getting rid of windows, putting curtains over them, and/ or indenting them a lot.


I think the museum has a great design and is a great start. I don’t know if the images are meant to appear stretched like that, however. If that was the intention, that’s great! I’d recommend changing the color of the frame to that of a slightly darker color. It kind of makes them look like offsets, but that could just be me :sweat_smile:

Other than that, great work! I can’t wait to see what comes out of this!


All Museums have security cameras and security guards. It would make the place seem more alive.