Thoughts about my game Icon


So… I’ve made an Icon for my upcoming game Adventures. What do you think about it? Any suggestions?
game logo isn’t in yet. (text at the bottom that says “ADVENTURES”)


I’ve redone the render with more saturated colors and some armor, weapons and tools laying around.
Please tell me what you think about the second attempt!

I’m going to awnser some questions that kenami asked:

“We don’t know what genre this is”:

-It’s going to be a MMORPG/RPG like ArcheAge was/is. (with mining and guilds included)

“No way to guess what to expect of this game aside the style and having a custom humanoid”:

-It’s like a mixture of Vesteria and Fantastic Frontier!


I dont feel I can guess the genre. What type of game is it?


It’s going to be a RPG type of game. Something like Vesteria :smiley:


The yellow browns aren’t enticing colors, it also reminds me of colorblindness.

I suggest using colors that contrast more pleasantly as well as incorporating features from ur game like magic spells weapons or monsters.


Thank you, I’ll try to implement that!


In itself the logo look great, but the colors are a bit bland, without life, you could make it more… “alive”, more attractive,
like make the background less dark, and you could also improve the personnage, he don’t look welcoming or nice, you could add a face or at least a smile, But except those detaits the logo is pretty nice.


I think it looks fine in most aspects aside from the background. It’s very plain and there’s not much colour. It’s all one blob of merged grey. If you could make the colours brighter and discern them from one another, you’d be set.


At first glance, the central character almost blurs into the roof, due to similar levels of brightness. Perhaps you can add some form of shading to add the illusion of picture-depth?

Otherwise, if it’s an RPG, perhaps you could give your character gear to show-case at least one of the cool outfits/gear-sets your player can have.


Thanks for all the feedback! I’ll try to improve the render tomorrow.


The render is nice. The colors are kinda dull and this wouldn’t be something I would click on.


The logo doesn’t really represent the theme “Adventure”.


If this is going to be used as the icon, consider how it looks scaled down. When in its full size you can make out what it is, but when scaled down to the game icon size you see on pc and mobile on the games page, I’m not convinced that you’d get enough information from it at all.


All that this game icon tells us is the game’s style being full low-poly based, as others mentionned :

  • We don’t know what genre this is
  • No way to guess what to expect of this game aside the style and having a custom humanoid

I’m going to insist on that regardless of your mentions that it’s going to be a “adventure” game because i felt like just making people aware it’s a adventure isn’t enough, it’s a vague theme which could lead to something other than RPGs,

Personally, this isn’t really a icon i would click on, I’d suggest showing off one of the most interesting feature in your game “cool and visible” so people would like to get atleast more info on what this is about overall.


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Looks cool, reminds me A LOT of Fantastic Frontier made by Gorbachelli and Spectrabox


Very nice. Something I always suggest is making sure that a player knows exactly what kind of game it is just by glancing at the game icon / thumbnail.

Obviously it doesn’t have the logo on it or the text yet, but the last thing you want is a “vague” icon where users aren’t really sure what it is they are clicking on.

Games like Mad City, Jailbreak, and Phantom Forces all do this well.