Thoughts about this Tree built in blender?

I started building a tree in blender for some of my showcase games i’m planning on creating soon. This is my first time building a tree in blender, any thoughts or suggestions?


For a first, it’s quite decent, but something looks quite off with the part where the branches meet the trunk, perhaps you should consider revising that part?


Looks really good man, i like it the only probably is the Trunk it looks not low poly you can press E then G to make. The trunk look more like a low poly tree!! Like Wevetments already said what i was going to say, but hope to see more from you very soon!!.

Tutorial for the trunk


Hey, for a beginner, it’s pretty good. I suggest using the Sculpt tool to make the leaves look more detailed, and use the Ico Sphere instead of the UV Sphere. Also, the trunk isn’t the best, search up YouTube videos on how to make Low Poly Trees.



Looks like zeppelins and balloons… But really good. I enjoy the look.


i like the trunk and try to decrease the polygons at the leaves

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The leaves are much too round- simply looking like configured spheres. I’d add more shape to them and have it more organic; as of right now it is rather geometric (relative to low-poly tree leaves) and also much too smooth, so I’d bring down the number of triangles most probably. (not experienced with blender at all, so please correct me if I’m using the terms incorrectly.)

The trunk is way too simple and not organic in the slightest. It looks rather stiff and could use more bends. The branches lack a thick bough and rather split apart in the same size- leaving it looking stilted.

All in all, make it more organic.


Very good for a first tree! Good luck in the future!