Thoughts and Feedback on my Tower Obby Game

Appreciate any form of feedback, and also will it do well with advertisements?

Hey there! I checked your game out and my first impression: Amazing!

Things you need to work on:

  • Lighting - The neon parts are too bright! It sort of hurts my eyes! Maybe make the lighting a little less ambient!

  • UI - The theme of the UI is not consistent! It looks a bit cramped and would be better if it had rounded corners!

  • Build - The lobby or the starting point looks a bit empty! Maybe add more décor to make it look lively!


  • Great Concept - I love how the tower is for noobs! Most Tower games are too hard! An idea to improve on this maybe to change the tower difficulty based on level. I don’t know if this is implemented in your game since I only played 5 - 10 rounds, but its good to add that if you haven’t!

  • Great Code - Everything works fine, the rewards system is a good idea and all the stats are true and work effectively!

Overall, I love the game concept and it surely has a bright future! To make it unique, add different game modes or something that has never been seen in a tower obby game! Great work!

(also, make the time longer since its a tower for noobs :wink:)


Thank you very much for the great feedback, could you expand a bit more on the UI consistency?

Hmmm… Well, I personally think that the UI designs are quite different from each other and they don’t have a specified theme to it. If you look at games like ToH and Mad City, they have a theme in their UI which makes sure that the UI flows throughout the game!