Thoughts and opinions on this models

This is my first topic so sorry if I published it in the wrong category, anyway:

I would really apreciate if someone could do some constructive criticism about this creations, i did in roblox studio (didnt use any 3d modeling program).
The way its buildt (with squares) its just because i really enjoy that way of building.

This image is of a defense training machine.

This image is of a speed training machine.

This one is for mana training.

And the las for physic attack training.

Thanks for reading.


All of these builds look pretty nice, but there are a few things to point out.

The part count on the speed machine can be easily lowered. Replace the wooden pallet with a box, not much of a difference to the player, but will lower the part count significantly. Remove some grooves on the sides and leave only 2 as they aren’t really noticeable and union as much as possible if not already done. The previous part is applicable for all models. You could also use some wedges at places, especially behind the screen.

The defense machine has a few parts popping out which can be an issue when unioning. The blue wires on top obviously connect to the light gray parts, but those aren’t aligned properly. The bright red thing stands out quite a bit color-wise, so unless you want grab people’s attention on this specific piece, I would suggest you select a more subtle color for it. Also, there is nothing that really makes it obviously defense related, so you might have to add names above the machines.

The combat training machine seems a bit lacking in detail. The other builds scream with details, but this one has barely anything in the middle. It looks like something that would be punched/kicked especially with the fallen off pieces, so just add a few stress marks like grooves of a slightly different color. This can be easily done by negating 2 or 3 parts.

The mana machine look really nice, but somewhat different from the others. It lacks the yellow color palette and the the protruding rods should be smoother on the inner side. Just push them more to the inside so that the sharp edges point outwards only.


Those are some amazing models you made right there! all looks different from other games and looks like they are for some kind of specific theme! keep the great work up! =D