Thoughts and suggestions on my first cafe

This is my cafe, after some suggestions this is what I have, tell me your thoughts and how I can improve please. This is version 2.0, what I came up with after the suggestions you guys gave me.

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Currently this build is pretty basic however it would be more interesting if the building wasn’t a square shape — but it has some potential.

I’ll definitely not use the same material on the whole building consider adding different materials and warmer colors add a few lively plants or some small decor along the building with some seating in the front of it you could throw a bunch of decorations this includes hanging lights, pictures, seating, fireplace ect. This could work in my opinion.

You seem to have a alright layout, try to add more variety of shapes to it at the moment it doesn’t have a resemblance of a cafe however I feel like it’s still in development maybe consider finishing it up by placing textures and materials featuring seating and vegetation around the build at the moment it’s a pretty good start to get a more better design try visiting or using reference images as a guide when building a cafe.


Okay! I took in mind some of your suggestions, also what is the best way to add shape to a building? I will update it to my newest screenshots.

In my opinion This is not that good. The colors just don’t fit. Same thing with the materials. It also needs a lot more details! maybe some paths outside or plants. Also the windows don’t fit. There aren’t that many good designs with circular windows. I suggest having rectangular windows, that are near transparent. Finally the structure is to blocky. Needs more work before I can even say it is decent.

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What would you recommend for the colors? Maybe a blue so the windows are like bubbles? It was originally white and I was requested to add more colors and materials.

The colors should probably be a not that bright color like a brownish white, or a not that bright red.

Okay, I might make a light blue color theme, I think that could improve the look.

yes definitely, take some inspiration from other cafes. maybe try to add some pillars and an outdoor balcony area. that would make it a lot more unique and cool.

It looks very plain. There are many cafes on the devforum that you can check out for inspiration.

Okay! I will look into some I can find.

Change the free model decor, I don’t really like the holes as it makes your cafe look like something from a children’s playground or cheese. I’d add more furniture and try a more modern look as that’s what has the most success and I’ve never seen a cafe like thsi

@Hamburger_Hoovy I looked at some cafes and I think it turned out pretty good.

It’s coming together, however if you’re wanting an upstairs there’s no need to duplicate the building you could possibly raise the building and put a small upstairs area if there’s not much space at the bottom.

I’ll definitely not use the same floor material on the whole building consider adding different materials you could have wood planks on one side and hexagon on the another Having the same wooden flooring throughout the cafe becomes very plain and repetitive, it still needs a few improvement you should try adding some hanging lights or decor around the building like i said above.

Such as more seating, tables and chairs, maybe some potted plants and decor in the front of cafe to create a more welcoming atmosphere. I’ll attach an image below of what I’m talking about at the moment it seems good, but there’s more to place in the cafe. You aren’t allowed to ask for prices as it’s not allowed I would recommend editing your reply so other people are aware.



Okay, I will remove that post, I will also change up the flooring a bit.

try to add some pillars under the top part. Fill up the space, and use custom materials, rather than Roblox’s default. Added a place where the cashiers stay. If you want to go a bit more advanced, add a kitchen. Looking a lot better! Keep going! :+1:

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Okay, but if I am not a gfx creator where would I find quality custom materials?

search up some sites for custom materials. Download them, and then use the texture. I think this is how you do it.