Thoughts and suggestions on my game icon

Hi! I was recently making a game for a group and im still not finished. I like to get things done before the whole project is done, so I was trying to make a game icon. I make my game icons by myself with no help using simple design programs. I usually get plenty of ideas while making a game icon but this time I just can’t think of anything. The icon just feels so empty and boring, so im seeking help here on devforum.

The theme for the game and the game icon is autumn/Halloween. I would like to hear what others think about the game icon and maybe get some ideas and suggestions to improve it. I would really appreciate that!

Here is the game icon:


And here is the link for the place Its not finished:

The icon looks pretty nice as it is, but it lacks the essence of it Halloween theme. Perhaps make the jack o lantern’s eyes and mouth glow red or orange and make the background just a bit darker.

The face of the witch could be something else like the Know it All Grin and possibly add a broom stick?

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I like the overall concept however you really haven’t made the most of all the space you’ve been given, there’s 70% there just empty background that doesn’t catch the user’s eye.

I recommend maybe including glowing green writing or something in the middle that provides a stark contrast to the background. You could make the witch bigger and give the pumpkin glowing eyes that fill the space.

But overall a really sweet attempt!


Thank you! I will try to change what I can.


Thanks, I really struggled with picking a color for the text.

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I’d use Blender to render the pumpkin and avatar to become 3D.

The text is too small, and “Autumn Realm AKA. Nightville” isn’t exactly descriptive. Is this a town? “Ville” is French for town, but “Realm” suggests a country – a kingdom, empire, etc. I highly recommend fixing that up because right now, it is somewhat confusing.

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You got the color scheme and “theme” right, but the icon itself doesn’t really tell you a whole lot about what the game is about. Even if the icon doesn’t reveal any information about the game, it should take the form of some recognizable image, so that when people see that icon they know it’s for your specific game. From what I can tell, the only information I get about the game from the icon is that it’s a sort of Halloween-themed game.

For example, Jailbreak’s icon gives some information by letting you know that cops and robbers are involved in some way, shape, or form.


On the other hand, Murder Mystery 2 emphasizes it’s iconic throwing knife: a model/weapon that is heavily associated with that specific game.



Ok, here are the changes:

  • Changed the text and the color of the text

  • Added more elements

  • Changed the size of the witch and the pumpkin

  • Added a little blur effect

What do you guys think?

It looks a bit better but it feels a bit low quality.

You should download blender and render these.
I’m pretty sure if you put this on a game icon and roblox scales it down you won’t be able to view the text.

Background feels a bit boring and shows nothing to do with the game apart that it’s a bit gloomy. Doesn’t make me want to click it. Maybe render a 3d background of part of the game with your pumpkin and witch?

Keep working at it, I’m sure you’ll be able to pull something neat off real soon.

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Thanks, I will keep working on it and try to render them!

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Text could be bigger or more words to describe what the game actually is.

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Is this better?

Yes much better than the original!

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It’s ok but nothing makes it pop or stand out from the crowd, you should take examples from other games and see what they have that makes it stand out and more appealing.

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I think by adding more images into the current icon it may overcrowd it, as long as you briefly show what the game is about you’ll be okay.

This is one of the top rated games with currently 1k players;


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I never said anything about adding more images at all. It’s just that personally if I saw that logo I would scroll past it as nothing catches my eye.

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I was thinking about adding a screenshot of the place for the background of the game icon, is that a good idea?

As long as it’s something that may interest the user, just having some random house won’t help. :innocent:

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I will have a whole Halloween neighborhood. Maybe with a blur effect :wink:

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Yeah you could give all the windows a neon effect to stand out