Thoughts for an database icon

So today i have a question; is this a good idea?
Or it’s quitely requiring some graphical upgrades?
(I used Photoshop, please do not take it as a stock image. There are no watermarks by the way)

Is this icon good enough?

(this image is open-source on the account ArtyomAL3X , on the Inventory > Decals page)

Thanks for a reply! :+1:

Okay, new strikings in size! There are another versions with the increased icon;

The plus sign doesn’t stand out at all and the main part has too much of a metal feel. I’d suggest making it more simple

I’m just bad at vector drawing, i think this is helpful, but since i used photoshop and i did not save that icon as a .psd file i cannot undo the plus icon

I’d suggest looking at current database icons and make something based on what you have seen. Don’t forget to continue practicing

Will do a processor vector-art later, thanks for feedback by the way! :wink:
I am a noob at Photoshop currently but i am also using tutorials, now i won’t use a tutorial by the way.

The ‘plus’ icon seems to be a bit blurred and hard to see, and I don’t think that the white strokes on the outside of the icon kind of go with the icon itself.
Other than that I like the reflection on the icon, and I like the shape.


Found a nice looking one here: on phone

by the way should i do a processor later?

Do what ever you want! If you like it do it, if you don’t then don’t. It’s all up to you

I recommend you to add a carpet or a SD thing as image of datastore.

Not thinking that, boi! Boiiiii!

So this icon is part of a pack you’re selling claiming to be yours but here you are on another thread saying it’s open sourced? Pretty sus to me.:eyes:

ArtyomAL3X is my alternative account, this is really my decal.

I agree with the others that the green + sign symbol doesn’t work. I also think that the icon doesn’t exactly scream “database”. Icon design is extremely complicated and can involve a lot of work to get right. The best way to represent a database would probably to include a computer rack setup. This includes adding lights/buttons. The following image is just a mockup of what you could try. You’d probably still wanna add the words “database” below the icon because its not exactly an intuitive concept