Thoughts of the Survival game I've made?

I’ve been working on a survival game with my team and the game itself is quite decent, but if you could give your honest thoughts on the game, it’s really appreciated! Also the music in the game is also original so the music itself belongs to the game.

Play it here: Survivalist - Roblox


I am not sure if this is a bug or not. But for some reason when I finish the tutorial, it immediately sends me back to it when I rejoin the game.

But ig from the tutorial, it seems like a promising game

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I’ll look into that bug and have it fixed.


As soon as i Joined the Game i was immediately thrown into a Tutorial level

Dry Grass doesn’t have an Item Icon if you look at Item Slot 2

When you press Esc on your Keyboard it opens the Crafting menu for some reason,

You should probably split the full Tutorial into several chapters, (Basics, Gathering Food, Etc.)

and when i Rejoin i still get teleported to the Tutorial, you should just add a “Tutorial” button at the Start Menu.

Overall: 7/10, the game has a lot of Potential, but it needs some improvement and polishing too.

Can’t wait to play it the next Update.

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2/10 in terms of GUI.

8/10 scripting. The scripting itself was pretty good, and I didn’t notice any issues. Although your GUI influenced the quality of the scripting and made some functionalities bad,

What I recommend:

  • I recommend you look at other games for reference when building GUI
  • Make buttons for things like inventory. Will be especially helpful for mobile players
  • You should add X buttons to the GUI to easily exit.
  • You should showcase better whether they can craft an item or not. Show the requirements in red if they cannot
  • Display stats better. Its hard to explain but look at other games
  • Make picked-up items fit in the frame better.
  • Make the picked-up items contrast better with the background. Things like a gray hammer are hard to see with a gray GUI.

I hope that helped


Yeah, people do say that the UI needs improvement ALOT, and I’ll be sure to look into it aswell. And with the Stats display. It’s really hard to tell what item is which honestly, so i’ll take note of that.

I’ll admit, giving the option to do a tutorial is alot better than it being forced, so I’ll change it.

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This game is better than Minecraft, the trees have physics which i really like. I would prefer the tutorial to be an option in the game or something like that. I appreciate that there isn’t that much GUI blocking the screen and that there isn’t a start screen. However, there is one small problem. When i complete the tutorial, and go to the game again, i get sent back to it.

I’ve finally fixed the issue with tutorial, still haven’t made it optional yet so I’ll be on it.

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I’m stuck on the grass part, I collected 3 grass but it doesn’t let me progress in the tutorial. Is this an unfinished feature or is it a bug? Overall nice game!

Cool game you have there. I like the animations and stylized simplicity.

Some bugs I found:

  • on mobile if you spam the craft gui it does the opposite. Pressing it closes it and letting go opens it.

  • the craft gui shouldn’t be hold, its to difficult to craft while also holding the button. Also the collect text cuts out.

  • mobile gameplay is difficult. It feels blocky.

  • the tutorial is broken. I got 3 grass and it didn’t let me continue until I rejoined.

@Alacaii as a totally unbiased opinion, do not compare Minecraft and survivalist as of right now. It’s cool, but not that cool respectfully. :wink:

Im pretty sure this is a bug since I don’t remember that feature ever being broken…

Thanks for your feedback, I will start looking into these bugs.

Absolutely loving this! A lot of potential here, definitely following and favouriting this. Pretty relaxing, though I imagine you’ll add enemies sooner or later lol.

I only noticed a couple bugs:

  • For some reason, repeated tool selection opens the crafting menu
  • You should really change the crafting recipe selection to use mouse click, not hovering, this makes it harder to craft quickly.

here’s the (unlisted) footage for the issues:

Best of luck!! Can’t wait to see this get even better :+1:

Enemies for the game are planned lol, I won’t explain them here but Thanks for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

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