Thoughts on 1920s train

Hey there devs me and my team have been working on a big game based in England 1920 may i have your opinion on this train.

was made mostly by @MaxDiabolus


It looks cool, but it is very dark.


Beautiful, It’s incredible! I would like to see this in gameplay, I’d love to see it in some action game about exploring. Good luck dude!


still working on the lighting thanks!

Looks Amazing, Very Talented Builder

Mabey Try adding a tiny bit more lighting like @Game_Impossible said!#

Edit: Sorry It’s The Theme

thank you! me and my development team want the game to look as good as possible.

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I like it! It makes me feel in the time it’s meant to be in. However, I feel there should be a little bit of light. (Specifically things like candles to match the time) or if the game has a lot of bright lighting, take advantage of Sunray’s and natural light!

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will do Nert thank you for your feedback


just making the lighting a bit better will post a new picture when we have finished.

some slight improvements


For anyone interested in this game, Just contact sav and join the Group England 1920’s

I am one of the Dev’s there.

I will so join when I am able to.

It’s super good, but I think the train should have wheels and a bit more lighting but other then that its really good.

Thanks for your feedback Clxsify we try to take as many ideas as possible.