Thoughts on 2 EDM songs I made?

I made 2 fun songs in a mobile DAW called “Auxy”, and these are my 2 favorite songs I’ve created from it!

This is Trampoline, just a nice bouncy little tune I made inspired by the likes of C418.

WeirdE Twist WackSy Turbo is a very fun song. The way it keeps the same melody throughout almost the entire song in different variations is what makes this song not boring to listen to. Honestly, this is my best song!

If this gets positive attention, I might seek some feedback on more longer songs if you’re interested, or more experimental ones. I’m always seeking for feedback!

Thanks @Limited_Unique for helping me figure out how to put audios into topics/replies!

For more songs by the way, here’s this


Awesome! How do you put the audio in the topic?

Maybe you can just upload it by clicking this thing

Oh, good idea! Thanks!

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I like the 2nd one more, but I suggest changing the tune because it hurts my head.

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I like them quite a lot.

Honestly, the part I liked most was your use of drums. Personally I might have added a bit of swing to the drums in the first song but I like the use of drums in both of them.

I fine the second song definitely has energy. I like the idea of using the pitch bend as a way to create atonal music.

I am not sure if I hear a bass in your second music. I don’t know if it’s just very quite or something else. But, I recommend making it louder and then match the style.

One more piece of advice: I’d recommend not making the same type of music. I generally start to get closed minded and stuck after writing 3 pieces from the same genre.

I would love to hear your other songs!

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A few suggestions to the first one: the bass you’ve chosen as a melody may want to be something different. Besides it repeating the same thing over and over again, it’s not something I’d want to listen to over and over for more than 10 seconds. You have some transitions set up and I think you should go back and really make the song transition to something else rather than go back to the first theme, it may help give the listener variety when listening to the 2 minute audio.

For the second one, the sliding piano is a really interesting decision to have as the main melody. It just seems out of place even when the drums come in, there’s just no tonal center or anything.
I’d class the second one as an atonal experimentation and if I judged it off that then it’d be really creative in its own right.

I take it your probably new to music creation. I’d say take a step back and learn some tonality and foundations to music before you try to explore atonality and experimentation. You can’t break the rules until you know the rules! Good luck!


Oh there’s bass. We’re you listening with headphones?

Also I’m not making the same type of music all the time, I’m actually quite varied. I can go from this to speedcore!