Thoughts on 2D GIF I made of my Roblox Avatar

I made this last year in clip studio paint (for my artfight profile).

Its of my Roblox Avatar in a summer outfit. I normally use toon boom for animating, but decided to try out clip studio (It only lets me use 2 seconds though).

Thoughts? (its small since the icon needs to be 100x100)



Looks great! But the eyes are kinda freaking me out xd

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Lol. Its probably because the eyes are staring straight ahead w/ no blinking or movement (this was before I figured out how to animate blinks)


I think it looks great!

Something you can do is make the avatars actions a bit more human like instead of just moving the hair and clothes. Maybe you can use 1 second of the 2 seconds to make the avatar close its eyes which would make it looks like its blinking…?

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Here is am example of a blink (OC is not mine, it was a art trade basically)

The icon was my first animation in clip studio, so this one is definitely a lot cleaner w/ better shading.

2021 rye for tsotea

(That blink is a good 4 different layers, so trying to combine the to is a bit of a mess in clip studio)

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