Thoughts on a game logo

I need thoughts on my art;

a game logo with russian flag for the game “Russian Simulator” i’ll be creating.
How do you think, do i need more effort into the game logo?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know
  • I won’t vote, but i will play!
  • Other vote (include replies on vote)

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Any vote helps!
If you want to have the .psd of the logo, click the current thing:

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No offense but it doesn’t look that good in my opinion maybe use a program like pxilr and look up some tutorials on Yt,

I’m usin’ Photoshop. Can’t you have a reference that there is a .psd file? If you want, you can modify the image in your way!


I don’t have PS anymore lol. But look up how to make a Logo on the DevForum. It usually starts with a few sketches don’t go with your first sketch make some more then see. Then upload and trace in PS. Oops I meant more effort

Its too basic and looks cheap. The Simulator is also hard to read. And the words are small compared to the size of the background.

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I searched, and it gave nothing expect tutorials on how to use other tools, group icons, “being hired” posts and UI things.


Didn’t you see the PSD download link?
You can modify it, LOL.

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this is just to modify it in a way to use for yourself, for example, the background can be changed to ukraine and be called Ukrainian Simulator. Not forcing to fix

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Funky font, the grey color is hard to read on the background, and the cyanish teal color makes the “simulator” extremely hard to read, and it honestly just looks like a blob. Maybe try to use multiple colors for the font, and maybe change the font. The dull colors also do not grab my attention. Realistically I’d make a background image for the game (In studio or a render, something pertaining to the game itself) and create a transparent logo and slap it over the background and maybe add some light rays around the logo. Overall it needs some work.

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Nothing seems right with it to be honest… the flag looks a little bit too pastel looking; heres a reference on what Russia flags looks like; as you can tell the blue + red are bold and bright looking normally. you dont have to make it exactly like the flag’s colors but more saturated colors draw other eye’s attention

would play with the text fonts a bit more as well and make sure they have an outline over them since you want it to be easier to read the texts, pretty much all i gotta say

Okay, not trying to be rude but the typography (font) is an awful choice and the colors are too. Why is there some blue behind the “simulator”? The sections of the flag are not even the same size. This needs muuuuuch work.

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this is an effect of removing the mistaken text with a thing called замазка on russian, but i don’t know that word how it’ll be on english.

You could’ve use the blue color, that was used on the flag. Why did you use a lighter one?? That makes no sense at all.

Thanks for the feedback, but i decided to stop making the logo better until there is more then 80% voters on the Yes vote, of course.

I don’t think it’s necessary to wait for the inevitable. You do you though, i’m just trying to help.

Do you really got to wait? its already the mass majority saying you should put more effort into it lol

lol you selected only word i said on russian
and le wrong reply

fixed, i musta somehow misclicked

It’s a bit too plain, you can attract players by doing the followings:

Rather than using a russian flag for the logo, why not make a render of a russian army carrying a russian flag?
Not going to lie but the text font is mismatched with the style